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Reality as it was defined is coming unglued. I am not afraid of that, exhilarated.

Beings at Ground Zero in Paranormal Places


Take every inhabitable planet and fold them all up inside each other, yet order them in such a way that each region still remains mutually exclusive. That’s the structure of the web I spoke of. It really is like looking at a complex array or fun house mirrors, but none reflecting the object in any other. It’s fractal, not geometric in the classical sense, and well, can seem stifling at first until you get your sea legs as they say.

Most of what people report here isn’t even alien to earth. A good many echoes occupy our region of this space. Ever see the Dune movies? Remember the image of the navigator mutant crossing space in his special chamber? The full fledged navigators look sort of like humanoid tadpoles. It’s the long term effect of using the spice in the way they do.

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Well, it’s possible to cross relative space rather than linear space. It’s not actually time travel. They describe near light speed as being time travel forward. There is no forward to follow. The reason your relative age would seem to slow is that the fourth dimension gets thin there.

What are wormholes? Sinkholes, like we get in the ground here. They can form in space as well. What we think of as three dimensional, looks in a sense two dimensional from the outside just like the ground superficially looks to us. There are natural disasters, as they call them, that occur there, tides as well, so sometimes “accidents” happen if you want to call them that.

Like the Bermuda triangle? Ah, that’s a little eddy, a babbling brook compared to the rest, but yes, think sudden stellar implosion if you want to get a sense of scale.

I promise no Vorgons are or ever will come to level earth, that’s not how things work. Do beware of poetry though. It has been mistaken for prophecy here.

Why should we beware of poetry? Ah, remember the two dimension earth model I described? Think of the earth as being like paper. Manipulating the medium we think of as time and space, aka matter, are the same thing really, comes quite easily for some of those beings. Our matter is just their ink, but they think of events in the same way we think of music, descriptive, but not necessarily real. So some beings still entertain the notion that “it can’t really honestly happen?” meaning they see no implied consequences to their action like we tend to ignore our patterns of thought or perception. Occasionally, even one of them takes things a bit more seriously though. Ever notice that communications from those beings seem strange? Like they don’t really “get” the human condition? As emotionless as these can seem, they aren’t actually emotionless beings. How upset do you get at the idea you might have stepped on a tiny bug, or at the implication that you are eating a life form “alive” while you are eating yogurt?

These are 4th or 5th dimensional beings? Some of them are, yes. The space I described is more easily accessible to them, though not even their native space.

There are beings of every order of existence in this “ground zero” I have described. Some just see it as a field of information, but there is no such thing as “just information,” and the capillary structure I described running through the planet is what guides the formation of matter here. This is why some native cultures have described themselves as emerging from a hole in the ground, or from ants. This is an intuitive reflection of the actual emergence process, how anything “enters” this space.

Space plus time? Well, those things that most resemble the fundamental structure I have described. Trees, anemones, the small organisms I think are called hydras, some coral.

Fractal structures. Yes, our own nervous system.

Now you asked about natives… There are organisms that weren’t originally native but have adapted to living in the hollows.

So hollows are where the veil to the substructure is thinner? Indeed, perhaps why creatures like the Grendel, are so often described as living in holes. It might have been a degenerate Sasquatch. They don’t normally behave like described in that story.

Where did they come from originally? Ah, the Sasquatch comes from an alternate earth rather more verdant than our own. They tend to see humans as being “ant men.” They are more philosophically inclined, more akin to a Tibetan monk than a human industrialist. They love to garden, are quite talented at medicine.

They come through the hollows at various points on the earth, so they go back into them? They do, yes. They don’t stray very far from their entry rift.

Which is why we can’t find them and why they’re blurry. That’s what makes a monster scary, being blurry, forget claws and fangs.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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