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Any experience you have that does not bring you peace, you failed to accept. To the degree you feel removed from a peaceful state, you have a list of rejections.

Understand Force to Preserve Peace in Tyr

Tyr Rune

So any questions about the warrior way?

The key behind it all, the essence, is simple. Have you heard of the sword of Damocles? Swords cut both ways. How and what they cut can only be controlled with awareness, vigilance. The sword seen one way is an instrument of taking life, seen another it’s the means to save life. This rune can be used as a reminder of this in your life. Remind you to be mindful of how you are directing your force. Remind you to use it instead of being used by it.

If the way of the warrior is yours, then these ideas spoke to you, and they are not the only ideas out there. It’s one of many ways to explore the world, and just as valid as those ways people may be more comfortable with that they may judge more peaceful. The one on the warrior path seeks to understand force so that peace can be preserved. They use force so that life can survive and flourish. There is always the person who needs to stop some form of interruption from happening. There are “warriors” that you would never think of as warriors. Can you guess one?

Mother Theresa? Nelson Mandela? Both of them are.

MLK? Gandhi. Yes. They all were. All of them were warriors, but so is the secretary who protects the order of the office. So is the garbage man who preserves the sanitation of their community. The journalist is a warrior, though they are mostly mercenary now. They have the potential to be incredibly heroic, and there is a new form of journalism now, the blogger. Those who report what they see and experience and learn just because they believe they should, just because they see good in it.

Bearing witness. Bearing witness is the act of a warrior. Having a vision is the act of a profoundly insightful warrior.

So yes, if you choose to use this rune, then mark it on anything that you need to be vigilant with. Mark it on anything you use to exert force or influence on the world, and take time to reflect on how force is moving in your world. Choose how you will move with it, and never stop choosing. Even choosing not to act is a decision, a choice.

It’s on my keyboard, an up arrow. Yes, you can find the rune even in your day to day life where people didn’t really mean it to be a rune, but look at it anyway. Reflect on where you see it and why. You will come to see a pattern. All the runes show up in nature and the world around you. You can see the spirit of any rune just by connecting the runic dots.

Arrow is a symbol of direction and movement. Straight ahead, onward and upward. Yes, and intentionally moving where you set your sights on, not waiting to act or waiting to learn. No vacillation, no second-guessing yourself. If perhaps you should make an error, you choose again. Correct your error, right then and there, and waste no time in anguish over the mistake.

Let’s look at the real life solider. It’s a sad fact that people die in war, but if a solider breaks and ceases fighting when his friend is killed, he will cost even more people their lives. If you break and cease trying when your favorite intention fails, you will not only lose your chance to recover, but you will deny other people the benefit of your success as well. People need you to succeed. By succeeding you give them hope. You uncover more strength in them.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well and fight wisely.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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