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What do You Fight For? in Tyr

Tyr Rune

If you are willing, may I ask you all, how do you use your sword? How do you direct your force?

My “failing” is assuming that everyone is “OK” when actually, some of them are dealing with everyone else as NOT “OK.” You know why you make that assumption? You do have a reason.

I’m still naive after all these years.

I do tend to be hot headed. I’m still trying to learn how to hit someone’s weak spot without reacting reflexively.

I withhold my force until I see the “killing” points. Everyone has killing points, moments where they endanger themselves, things that lead them to crisis, fear. It’s at these times that I insinuate my own intention. My intention being to eliminate the toxicity they are experiencing. There is much poison in our world. It’s my primary concern. A little poison makes for a strong tonic, where the larger poison of their misunderstanding leads to suffering for everyone.

I myself do not understand people’s sense of peace. When they are happy, I do not understand the world as they see it, so I leave well enough alone. It’s only when life has brought them down to bare bones, life and death, make or break, then we are on common ground.

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What do you fight for friends? To summarize what I was sharing, I fight for endings. Do you know what you fight for? Because you are fighting, and it shapes everything you do. Are you fighting everything? Unsure of what or whom to fight? I fight myself.

There is profound intimacy in the “fight” when you’re fighting at the bare bones level. Yes. The warrior, any warrior, ultimately fights themselves. The one who fears to stand against themselves will oppose everyone else, anything else, and like the emperor scorpion when provoked, ultimately poison themselves to death with their frustration and fear.

A steam engine without a fly-wheel eventually destroys itself. Yes. You must own your force, own your aggression. To deny it is to set it loose to ultimately consume everything in your life. You will fall on the sword you try to bury in the ground.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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