What you think, you do. What you do, you experience. What you experience, you feel. Be conscious of that cycle and you can know freedom.

Human ‘Being’ in Peace


Finding peace is a universal search and would seem simple right? Just don’t make drama, and don’t get involved in drama? This is how many people seem to think, and to my experience those notions are very far from the truth. We seek peace, and many think they can find it by “unplugging”, shutting down, or clamping down on themselves. It is my experience that the people who try that are very far from peaceful.

Who are the most peaceful people? Given their natural behaviour, and not being taught stress early, wouldn’t that be children? Are they quiet or disengaged? No, they are noisy, and in your face. Not yet inhibited in any unnatural way, and capable of depths of peace and serenity that we were supposed to “grow up” from. Does high stress, I daresay even panic, make us more mature? I would admit it makes us more old.

I hear people say they’ve lost the ‘color’ from their lives. They’re not talking about drama, they have that. I expect they’re really talking about that kind of engagement? Yes, they become jaded. They think they know all about life. They just have a lot of neural pathways in their head and it might be knowledge, but just as often it is very far from true knowing.

How do we find peace? Well, it’s really simple, and this is why people likely won’t do it. Acceptance? Well yes, it is acceptance, but not acceptance as people know it, or as most people understand it. It’s not a matter of just grinning and enduring whatever. Acceptance means also accepting action.

If it was just enduring, it would be easier as we could hide it, but you can’t hide it, and you can’t hide from it. Your nature isn’t at peace if you are keeping it quiet. It is wu wei, non-doing. You do have choice. You do have free will, but once you have made your choice you can’t “do better”. When you decide to love, the only thing that happens is you permit a loving nature. You permit your capacity to love to express itself. You can’t make yourself do that. It isn’t something you can “do better”. You can maybe see better, explore more, think better, but you can’t “do better“. People are automatically focused on “do“, do better, gain more.  These are insane thoughts and rather out of touch with reality. How many people are incredibly hard workers only to gain nothing more, and lose their health and peace of mind? Do they get ahead at all by “doing better”?

How many people on top seem to those subordinate to them to do little? But they won’t lose their place. It’s because what matters is knowing better, and doing what you know, like they say of art or writing.

So, personal peace. You can’t “do you better”. The idea of being a better person is hurtful and damaging as it implies that a value judgement can be made about people and it be valid. People can do all sorts of things. It is not who they are. You can know yourself better.  Know your nature, your intentions, your feelings. The secret to personal peace is not being a better person. It’s being the person you are. Not being mentally stuck in roles. Roles are fine, function is fine, we have to know who is doing what in work, and what is their role. Roles can be defining of a facet of who we are, but they inevitably fail to be more than that. No one role is enough.

We aren’t a human “doing”, we aren’t human “flesh”, we are human “being“, and we are a part of what is. Human being is being, dog being is being, rock being is being.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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