You need never predict. Any future is now. What happens next is originating now with our choices and everyone else’s also. And we choose based on what’s on our minds.

Presence in Expression in Spirits


Why do we want to label our existence? The only truth at this moment is ‘I can’t say I am not. I AM that I am.’  To refuse labels is to label labels. Active opposition is service to the force you deride. Every moment is a new observation. In any moment a new insight can be seen.

What is new, name one? In this moment we have a dynamic between us. Your view is meeting another in a way that wouldn’t happen if not for this moment. Something can be learned from this, and it will be new. The dynamic arises from a universal static. The static is an encompassing implicate order that can both evolve and endure pure in its essence. All that is material has an immaterial element. Static matter is fed by dynamic energy.

The objects in the world are made from very old presence, not new?  Life and growth are inherent aspects of the presence you speak of. The implicate is articulated in seeming diversity. The ‘seeming’ isn’t invalidated even in the face of evident unity. To deny the diversity is to deny the presence in expression. To create yet another duality.

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So what is here? What am I? Aren’t I a spirit? Body and spirit is to be focused on, and it’s not dual. It is both non dual and diverse. The infinite is expressed in a multi-faceted aspect. All facets change in the light of the unity. The hologram reiterated endlessly. The spirit lives without a body, and with a body, and with mind.

Body = label, body = identification with form. With labels and with sensation that has no label. Unity is not found in rebuttals.

Form is not reality. You think you are your body, so what is watching thru your body? To think you are not your body doesn’t create a non duality? Perhaps the rejection and questioning are a deeper delving into non-unity thinking?

Can you step out of your body at any time and experience just spirit? Can you step into your body and experience just spirit?

Action like energy/matter are ever new. Renewal is an aspect of the presence. The actualization of the implicate is a choice. The idea of choice is in itself an inherent aspect of the implicate presence. There is no my power or your power, but there is power. And how my presence is in it and how yours is, it’s my daily experience. As in any dance, I stagger my step if I see fit. People are stuck in vision, because they aren’t permitted, or encouraged, or educated to own and use vision. To acknowledge it in themselves.

It’s not like if I put up a picture of an elephant one suddenly appears. Tapping into a power that is already there is creating nothing. Psychic premonition…the mind made a story it came true. Nothing psychic going on. Everything psychic happened. Anything of the mind is psychic and quite natural. To invalidate it is to set up an unnecessary contradiction.

Psychic to me means I can tell you what will occur to you and it comes true. To be psychic in my own mind makes no sense to me – implies duality. As if part of me can step out and observe me. When people choose for a thing they also choose its opposite. Support unity, and you feed duality. The more you strive, the more you emphasize both.

The subconscious mind has regulatory functions, but it is subordinate to the conscious mind. In the case of schizophrenics they really do create a ‘reality‘ of biting bugs. All monitoring shows that they are suffering exactly as they say they suffer. In my experience, there is a force that seems to run despite human will. A sort of grand harmonic energy. There are those who seem to be the least wilful people you might meet, but will have a more powerful impact than a belligerent individual.

It has been my experience that what you believe you are, you get. ‘Want’ gets confused. There is only one ‘want’ that can manifest as harmony or dissonance, growth or decay.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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