Meditation is intimacy with self. You are stopping and opening your awarness to “death” in the moment.

Knowing in Advance in Premonition

Time and space are not constants. It is more a Swiss cheese than a solid supportive object, and there have been many examples of it. For me it’s a pretty frequent event, and I suspect that many people experience it but it gets lost in the mental shuffle. Premonitions, a.k.a. pre-cognition, knowing in advance. We in a sense do it all the time though often it doesn’t seem like it because we control it. We project what we think is possible, and ignore those odd little twinges that seem to defy reason. That tell us what we think we will see isn’t exactly on. Sometimes it’s a recurrent visual image that just doesn’t make sense. Sometimes just a feeling that things will go in an unanticipated way.

Events are constructs of energy. Exchanges in time and space.

Why didn’t I have a premonition about that patch of poison ivy I got into last week? Events don’t all have the same impact. If the poison ivy was going to threaten your life, then likely there would have been more of a sense of it. If it was going to change your life, like cripple you, again it would bear a lot of weight in the whole mesh of probable energies.  There is a ‘spiritual weight’ applied to events.

Who applies the weight? You do get to choose. Often times those events occur like poison ivy exposure, not because the poison ivy jumped out and got you, but because of some state of mind. The level of awareness you are at, thus choice. The weight of probable events is not applied from one source. Ever factor is like a weight, some pile together, some weigh against each other, and as all energy balances out that determines an event manifesting or giving way to another event.

Some people think that psychic sensitivity is sensing something foreign, a “supernatural” energy. That isn’t necessary. We come into existence as a part of the world itself. There is nothing foreign necessary or needed. I think that is why at least in part so many paranormal events go unnoticed. They happen, but people are looking for something weird. Like something jumping into their mind against their will, or radically transforming reality in an eye blink although even these happen from time to time.  The only true foreign thing is how another person perceives and feels towards something. The power of perspective.

Coincidence. What that word means and what people use it to mean are very different things. Coincidence means two things happen at the same time.  It happens all the time, so using that word isn’t actually saying very much but they seem to use it as a negative meaning. Is it really such a stretch of the imagination that events occur in the context of other events? That cause and effect is a rather logical rule, and this supposed disjointed reality is a mistaken notion?

The discomfort that people feel by coincidences is odd. Like somehow they are protected by dismissing connectivity in reality. Even the whole while as the mind shows repeatedly that we see the connectivity and could even use it. Yet the majority of people dismiss any meaning in it. They are derisive when you mention it could mean something. When you view life as a woven mesh of fabric, coincidence is commonplace.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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