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Actual freedom is not seperation from anything, but rather the recognition of the meaning in the walls that surround you.

Human View in Premonition

We created science with the notion that observation could reveal laws of reality. That it could be understood and used to permit us more of what we desire. Freedom, power, health. This has proven true at least for the most part, but we hold the superstition that there are these little closed systems. Little splinter realities that aren’t and can’t be influenced by other realities. Like dreams. You retire tonight and have a bad nightmare. You dream your partner is cheating on you or your boss has it out for you. You may wake in the morning and try to rationally dismiss it, but even psychology reveals that that is a half truth at best. It will affect you no matter how “in touch with reality” you are.

To return to precognition, let’s go ahead and be rationalistic about it. It could be that any premonition is just the emergence of internal urges coupled with subconscious observations of the world and people around you. Fine. Does that make it less real? In this day and age, we communicate almost instantaneously and absorb data from more sources than most of us can even track. How often do you hear people say “I don’t know where I heard it from but …”? Likely in a very routine way. Very frequently.

Jung (who was not a mystic) was merely a student of the mind who chose to confront the artifacts of the mind. He made a series of very concrete observations. One being the occurrence of symbols in every culture before the cultures even had any contact. It is more commonly called the twelfth monkey syndrome and could be linked into Gaia theory.

In all our science, and in learning more and more of the power of our observation is it also not true that there seems to be a pattern of observation beyond the human venue? Every evidence suggests that there was a rhyme and reason. A form before there were any humans to observe. Why supposedly is the human view privileged? My experience is that it’s not. We are a very loud species, but the realm of all potential energy, all possibility, exists with or without us. We exist in it, not it in us.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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