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Energy follows two identifiable patterns, action and rest and we don’t get to choose to exclude one.

Beings Cloaked in Illusion in Spirits


To date, even in modern parapsychology, much of the old understanding of angelic powers is gone. There are still reported encounters or sightings of unknown beings that behave much like the “angels” of old. Though without any seeming divine agenda nor a malicious one. The Mothman might be the most readily apparent and the dialogue seems less couched in religious terminology in that case. Are you all at least familiar with it?

Tales of beings that are cloaked in illusion.  Though modern para-psychology seems to indicate it’s more the brains attempt to translate energy into a five sensory modality, they are world wide. When the Mothman was asked what they looked like it gave a very blunt answer, “Depends on who’s looking.” There are other cases.

The Fae fit a similar bill and were considered to be very linked to the health of the land, thus the Arthurian Lady of the Lake. There are many fairy stories. Many are carry over from early European shamanism and reflect a view much like Native American myth does, though perhaps a bit more easily translated to modern western thought. But they had both hostile and benign Fae. The term fairy was a curse word. Fairy meant roughly malicious imp and was considered bad luck to say. Even in the modern biblical references there are stories of behaviours that exist only to placate the angelic powers. Like an omen of devastation being revealed, so painting all doors of those who believe the omen with lambs blood. That sort of thing.

Much of the understanding of the supreme being differs even among those who have a more orthodox belief in angels. For example the messianic prophecy. Exactly what it is or if it even exists at all. Whether rites are sufficient to atone with the supreme being or not, even any ideas of its views. But surprisingly these lesser beings seem pretty uniform. Guiding humans and caring for the world and addressing imbalances/injustice. Even in Chinese and Japanese cultures as well as some early catholic thinking, the “demons” were the “kindly ones”. In Greek they were known as the Furies, and they were merely visiting what was deserved on humanity. Even occasionally giving a stay of execution so to speak. How often do we even today hear of seemingly inevitable disaster having a dramatic and strange turn around? Even early puritan Christians adhered to this notion believing that proving your virtue was necessary merely to stave of material disaster.

It is the ‘kindly ones’ doing that? The kindly ones were the keepers of the damned. Of those who did not and would not atone. Who would not return to the law or taboos to use the shamanic term.  The intuited harmony of heaven and earth. This really can be found in any culture. The Loa of Africa. The Devas of India, which was converted to Devi in Sanskrit, and Devil in Latin though it was demonized there. The Romans were pretty industrial and didn’t like the local taboos about what resources could be used and how. They had to give people their bread and circuses somehow.

Even in the reckoning of the story of King Solomon, he was not permitted to just command the “fallen angels” to obey. They weren’t seen as favoured of God, but through his understanding he was able to establish “treaties.” Respectful understanding and compulsory obedience on both peoples parts. This is part of why Christians and Jews were originally seen as being phobic of the deep sea. They did believe they were forbidden because there dwelled Leviathan, a “demon.” They also believed the angel of storms would respond to their transgression against the covenant. Many of which were made as a matter of course among early Israelis.

The casting of lots was considered not only a way of divining gods will, but also of seeing if any of the “powers or principalities” had been offended. Then they would rely on their lore to correct it. This is where early exorcism lore came from and perhaps why it doesn’t seem to work very well anymore. Humans have created another tower of Babylon of the temples and “churches” that they now attend, and even pious theologians are noting that there is something wrong with the faith as it stands. Though some also refute them.

Many people seem to be talking to angels these days, it seems to be in vogue so to speak. Are the angels getting annoyed at us yet, or are they glad about it? Well, el Niño, quakes in Sweden, inordinate tidal flooding, and storms of almost state destroying intensity (if I don’t over exaggerate what happened in Texas), what would that seem to say?

Even animals are engaged in aberrant behaviour. Much of this seems very much like the biblical plagues, does it not? No one was hurt, but a brown bear traipsed into a populated city and ate the fixing in a subway. Totally ignoring human scent. Incidents of house pet attacks are up as well as mental illness. The “voices in peoples heads” seem not at all happy do they?

You can only endure so much screaming in your ears before you break. We don’t hear but we know, and we know exactly what we have forgotten. We know that in fact we don’t know, and it seems to be creating a lot of fear, yes?

Well things will go as they go. It isn’t like there weren’t apocalypses before. They have been repeated throughout legends and myth, great floods, fires, sinking into the earth, even being eaten. It seems humans like to choose this doesn’t it?

And the beast shall wander the earth seeking whom he may devour. In Native American prophecy there will come a time of fire, where the white man will discover a black rose that will be as a medicine for the earth and the people. With the end of the last Mayan cycle the feathered serpent shall return, the lore giver, and a time of peace will endure on the earth. The feathered serpent was the one god who refused blood sacrifice.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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  1. Jeff

    I come from a Christian background and have some understanding from the Bible. There are two books, one is beneath the other. One is read literally by

    veiled eyes. One is read spiritually, by the third eye, so to speak.

    In regard the the beast seeking whom he may devour. There is a woman riding him, she is the whore of Babylon. The woman is the organized religious system

    that lives by knowledge of good and evil. Babylon represents the ways of the unenlightened mind. The beast is government intertwined by these self righteous

    ways. A system based on punishment and fear, it has no love and is always at war with something or someone.

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