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Unity is about embracing the reality of who you are and letting that serve as the center of your whole life.

Shared Dream Signal in Spirits


Ever either hold a fish out in the air or watch someone else do so? Though they produce no sound we can hear, and hardly any body language we can compare to our own, a distress spike is a distress spike. You can feel the fishes distress.

So visualize a broad screen with me if you will. Let’s add all those little spikes of distress, sharp, short peaks of signal, dotted all across the screen. With me so far?

Ok. Normal daily activity flows along what they call the circadian rhythm. You wake and your energy level climbs till about the middle of your day when it begins to dip till it bottoms out when you go to bed. This is a generalization, but the cycle is still pretty even for most people even if not totally smooth. So add that to your mental picture.

Now we have that sense that tells us that things are moving forward in our lives even if we don’t like the way they are going. It just feels like progress, and makes us say things like ‘life goes on.”

“Tomorrow is another day.” Yes, and it has a mirror image, a twin. A sense that you are getting too old for whatever it is you do, that you can’t keep up with things, that you feel lost and long for how things used to be. Well, add a climbing line to the screen and a dropping line.

My point for all of this is, these patterns of energy are not confined to you. They show up in the shared dream signal itself. Everything that has ever felt depressed has added to the depressed energy. Everything that has ever felt hopeful has added to the hopeful energy.

For something to focus on, think of the heartbeat. Everything that lives generates an energy signal sort of like the heartbeat, but this signal is not mindless or unaware. It’s the opposite, and it’s the only reason we ourselves can even have anything like a mind.

And all that lives is a tx/rx antenna? It sends a signal out and also receives a signal like any cell phone tower. Yes.

When we dream, we are processing not only our own thoughts, but the signal of everything we encountered, and everything those things encountered. If your cat saw a bird then it will dream of birds and you will dream of birds, though you will likely only recall those things your waking mind is trained to make sense of.

So our weird dreams may not even come from us? Exactly.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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