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There are no coincidences. The line of cause and affect may be very abstract, but it is there.

We Imprint on the Dream in Spirits


Tonight we are talking about the oneiroi. The basic premise I operate under is that a spirit arises whenever sufficient awareness focuses and gives rise to what is at least a semi-independent entity, and I also offer that spirits occurred before human consciousness as we know it arose.

Everyone heard about how biological cycles can synch up when people live together? Even manifesting in weird things like men showing symptoms of pregnancy. Well, this process of entrainment is a natural law. It’s not the exception. It is actually the rule, but people mostly don’t take any conscious note of this. Like much that goes on in their mind, they push away anything other than what their gross physical senses offer them even though the function of those is still pretty much entirely governed by the same process that would let them know they were having an ideo or an emotional reaction about something, so the separation is illusory.

Everything that has a metabolic cycle, well, even everything we don’t think of that way, produces a signal in its surrounding environment, a pulse. The tree pulses electrically as it photosynthesizes peacefully. The microbes in the atmosphere produce pulsations as they experience changes in atmospheric temperature and humidity. The mold growing on your bread produces electrical signals as it happily ingests the material of the bread itself. Everything does it. Our body doesn’t discriminate between its own signals and any signal coming from some other living thing. They are all basically the same process.

Now as the bottom line, you have a level of awareness much like we experience while we sleep. Even higher order animals tend to function in a state we might compare to that of a sleep walker. This is not a value judgement against animals, it just means that there is a common ground held across all beings on this planet. It’s about 7 hertz. That’s the broadcast rhythm, and everything moves in an ocean of this frequency of energy, but likewise every creature has an extended bandwidth, if that makes sense. A range beyond the baseline it can reach. For humans that’s about 40 hertz.

Now the baseline signal is always going on even while we are in that state we consider awake. So our normal waking consciousness is signalling out into and altering the bottom line energy. We imprint our waking life perceptions on the constant dream. We aren’t the only creatures to do so, everything does. Regardless of biological differences, the energy signals are the same. It’s all the same information.

Different frequency levels but the same dream? Yes.

A city must be very loud? It can be, yes.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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