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What evil would arise in sex if people just accepted it? What evil would arise in exotic senses of self if they were just accepted? What harm?

Night Dwellers in Spirits


Channelling is usually involuntary. Like those of flesh and blood they want me to do stuff, but don’t want to compensate nor return favours. So I’m generally resistant. But with someone yammering in your ear even if you ignore them… Like example, ever be typing when someone is talking to you and you type a word they say? I do it though I can sort it out, and sometimes I even say things. Depending on how I feel, I will just go with it.

Do you remember what they say if you type, or is it only in the words on the screen? I do, but only because I’m not here or there, and sometimes I don’t remember clearly.

Is it confusing, or are you used to it? Not any more than dealing with people in general.

In the Egyptian Book of the Dead, they speak of encountering many of what are the human views of their kind, but the most fearful encounter is also the last and it’s a mirror.

The mirror of us? Yes. It is what makes so many wander the world instead of finding peace. They would rather be among the lost numbers. Wander the world even without flesh, than return to that mirror which is the portal.

They encounter the night dwellers, and the mirror is the portal to their next life, to their desire. While they reject themselves they cannot have their reward, but they have the fear of what lies there. The fear of what they will have to face. So often they have to poke a hesitant one through. I have a mixed reaction to hesitancy. It is both funny and very annoying.

The being called Yama, Judge of the Dead, is actually just a role, and his servants are those who enforce that judgment. Those who have gained some enlightenment are cooperative, and the others seem friendly. The belligerent ones, those drunk on their past life, are often just expedited. Thus part of the reason for forgetting past lives, it can be good to forget. Some would live their next life with such guilt they would totally waste it. “The damned” go through the portal too, but they are the ones most often forced. They do love their guilt. I hope they learn from it though, that is the purpose. With grace of the screaming, the learning is a must.

The reapers come for everyone. They don’t always have to pull. A truly compassionate heart is rarely ripped from their body. Thus you hear so often of really loving people living just long enough to tell their loved ones goodbye. You see them as evil, but in a sense they are the most kindly. The truly kindly ones.

Or like the loved one that dies just after there partner died, is this similar? Yes, it is the purity. It can be of heart or mind, and really rare in both cases. They bathe in those rare lights.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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