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The great prophets were described as madmen.

Iron Fist in the Silk Glove in Tyr

Tyr Rune

I can bring it more down to earth. The Tyr rune is a sword. We all have this spiritual sword within us, and we all use it. We don’t all use it well, but we do all use it. The angry person uses his sword impulsively, hits everything, enemy and ally, and is weakened when it comes time to accomplish his or her goals. The hesitant person hides his sword, and in being careful with it is unready to respond as opportunities come.

Your analogy works man to man. I need help woman to man. There have been many women warriors. Women have the hidden sword, the shadow that blinds. You know a man’s intentions, and because you do, you know his weaknesses. You can direct your attention to his weaknesses without making him put up his guard. Men cannot think of sex when they are being analytical. This is why their intentions stand out so clearly to you. They have “one track minds.” You can be gentle without being kind, and you can be kind without being gentle. A woman’s sword hand needs to be like the iron fist in the silk glove.

I see almost all men as enemy and most women. Your energy must be constantly depleted.

No, I retreat a lot. You retreat and never advance, and so you never see advances coming. What are your actual intentions? The iron fist is your will. Everyone has this iron fist. Women can use it with more finesse, but most people don’t even know their will and have no real sense of what they intend.

A man can’t beat a woman verbally. It takes a woman to beat a woman. I best women regularly. I never beat women, but I can outdo them on their own field of battle.

Women are vipers with their tongue. A man of wisdom can be a mongoose.

If I engage I will not be the loser. I know that much, but there is no win or lose there is only evolving! Yes. So with no use of force you remain late to solve any problem. You can never solve a problem when it’s already a problem. By then you can only deal with the consequences.

Showing up before it’s a problem, then? Yes, and you show up before it’s a problem by the wise direction of your energy, by the wise focus of your intention. Making decisions not according to your personal preferences, not just because you want it to be so, but making decisions based on the conditions of the “battlefield”, knowing that whatever move you make you will move others to respond, knowing that if you go all out you will be opposed all out, but if you go in moderation, as if you only wanted a little thing, you accomplish everything in time. But in time, keeping the timing, keeping in touch with the energy around you, making certain your iron first stays strong even as you glide along with the silk glove.

I made the mistake of going all out a lot, especially when I was younger. I guess the patience comes with experience. Patience comes with defeat, and defeats lead to victory. Always let your opponent win the battles. The battles you chose.

You direct their energy by interacting with them. If you go lightly where they oppose you strongly, then they will be exhausted and you will be free to go where you actually intended and still be full of life and vitality. You can even meet them on those battle fields without even going there. By knowing their habits, their character, their obsessions, by knowing this you will know when they are aggressive and when they are at peace, when they are disturbed and when they are exhausted.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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