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Challenges are simply challenges and choices are simply choices. They cannot possibly be good or bad. Whether they are good or bad depends on how we view it afterwards.

Your Ultimate Intention in Intention


Do you intend to be right or do you intend to be happy? If you intend to be right, you will be wrong. If you intend to be happy, you will be whole.

Some people just have to be right all the time, why is that? They’re never happy, because they can never relax. They are hard core adherents of conventional thinking. They really believe the line of crap we are fed on, and they want to listen to their head and not their heart.

You can not effectively ignore your feelings. Even science has proven it’s an ultimate impossibility. When your thoughts are in conflict with your feelings, your thoughts will fail. This is not your personal failure. Our world hasn’t been set up so that you can actually fail. You just succeed in staying true to your heart. Ever notice your thoughts and your imagination often do not agree? Ever wonder where in the hell your imagination comes from?

Yes. I notice that “smart” people tend not to take their imagination seriously. And it is why smart people are often so foolish. I refuse to outwit smart people. It’s a boring game.

People I used to go to school with that seemed to do great in math, science etc, never went for things like art or music. They weren’t good at socializing either. They should have considered it. Music especially is very mathematical, and makes math worth living.

Often the nerd stereotype. I had it too. I was terrible at math though. I loved music. It was my escape from those rotten math teachers. Good or bad at math doesn’t ultimately matter. Good or bad at any particular skill set doesn’t ultimately matter. You have no choice. You will be good at some things, and your intention will not be in others.

When I understood math I did enjoy it. I didn’t when I fell behind the rest of the class, so it’s not the math. It’s the failure I see. Math isn’t the gray, ugly thing it might first appear to be. A lot of math is magick, and it’s not the failure. It’s the idea that you can fail. You don’t fail at math. You get as good at it as you need to be. If you don’t get good at it in general, it’s because you are good at other things.

Writing. Yes. Your intention is in writing. But intention can’t be confined to single practices. No single achievement is following your true intention. Your ultimate intention is to live as the individual that you are. You exist because the world needs you to exist. You didn’t get a choice in being born, because being born isn’t a choice. Being born is the intention of love, and for lack of a better phrase, love is God.

Genuine intention is hard wired into us? Indeed it is. The first intention made, you do it and guides you even now, even though you might be busy making other plans.

The choice we have is to allow it or not? That is correct. We won’t be forced to do anything, but all that we might want and need, all that would uplift us to see and experience, exists on its own and under its own terms. It has its own ways. You don’t make up rules until you get what you want. You listen until you are what you want.

So true. Before you get it, you’re breaking the rules. And every rule you have will be broken until you stop making them. There were exceptions early in human history, and some places these exceptions are still current. Sensitive people have always been moved by their own personal intention to impart their perceptions to their kin. There are those whose intention is to go inward, to go between the source and the evident world, and they have seen sometimes that there is a loss of balance. They describe this issue and the consequences of not taking action, or of persisting in imbalancing action, and then come what may, the inner plays out in the evident. What you mean wins out over what you think, always.

The ways in the world that some call magick, some call other things (they are all good words), and it’s all one world. But these “unseen” ways are there. Our personal intention is a path that runs along these ways. This is why you are not God. Your intention is powerful. It’s vital to the worlds well being, but the ways of the world itself are bigger than you, and this is a blessing. So, if you would work with your full potential, live with your full being, don’t make up your mind about anything. Don’t decide one single thing. Look within, and look around. You are not lost. There is no end to guidance, just stop forcing, especially forcing yourself. You were not born broken. You are not defective or inadequate.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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