'Intention' Chapter


We all have genuine intention. Intention is the way of your spirit. It’s the spiritual life path in its essence. You may express that in any of an infinite variety of ways, but it’s still the same thing. It is like people have two drivers, the mind and the spirit. But ultimately, it’s the spirit that has the final say, because it had the first say. It will have the say about what comes after this life as well.

We have a will to live, a will to wake, a will to love. But our true intentions go beyond just our biological needs. We have a will to see things in the world. A will to grow more in harmony with the world and the people we love. We have a will to peace.

“It is not good enough for things to be planned – they still have to be done; for the intention to become a reality, energy has to be launched into operation.” Walt Kelly (American Cartoonist notable for his comic strip Pogo. 1913-1973)

“Concentrated attention is the collection of units of power on a chosen point of intention.” James Arthur Ray

What Is Intention?

First. What is intention, friends? To intend is to know you will do something. How often do we actually know that we will do something? As you know, the road to hell is filled with good intentions. Indeed. Actually, peoples… Seek More

Thoughts Vs Intentions

To lack intention is to feel adrift. Even in all the getting you might be doing, you will feel like you have nothing. It’s a popular idea in new age thinking that you never fail at anything. They have a… Seek More

Your Ultimate Intention

Do you intend to be right or do you intend to be happy? If you intend to be right, you will be wrong. If you intend to be happy, you will be whole. Some people just have to be right… Seek More

Final Say

I find people often say they had to make a decision for me. Is this really what they did? No. They do think they did though. What they did is ignore a path you were on. They didn’t see that… Seek More

Life Is About Intention

My name is Travis. Travis means gate keeper, or man of the cross roads. My Mom chose it intuitively. It does seem to be my purpose to bring us to this gate. I don’t make people choose, but I do… Seek More

What is Design?

Tonight’s Design of Intention subject will either help bring clarity, or muddle things much worse. Some things are like that I guess. First I will ask, what is design? Placing elements together in a pleasing arrangement. How about “structured intention”?… Seek More

Reel Life

I’ve been thinking that whenever I have stress or anxiety, it’s usually or always because I’m looking at the wrong things. People pay excessive attention to the “big picture.” Can you watch a movie while you keep your eyes fixed on… Seek More

New Director

What inspired Picasso or DaVinci? Imagination. Internal vision. Ah, making images, making “movies.” They took ownership of their cameras. How did their use of their minds differ from our own? And called crazy, but I’m thinking crazy isn’t always a… Seek More

Instant Script

What about socks? Mine are white. Are they really? They disappear in the laundry. Socks are unreliable. I check my feet. See what happens? And your mind goes on from there, instant script, all starting from the question, What about… Seek More

Drawing with Colour

Shall we get down to the actual techniques to design intention? No intention can be created out of context. You always have to work with the medium at hand, but does that necessarily confine what pattern you create? If I… Seek More