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It would be much more honest to say, ‘See you yesterday.’ For most, it’s what they see.

Reel Life in Intention


I’ve been thinking that whenever I have stress or anxiety, it’s usually or always because I’m looking at the wrong things. People pay excessive attention to the “big picture.” Can you watch a movie while you keep your eyes fixed on the walls of the theater?

No, and the director of a movie is constantly moving your attention. Real life, also called reel life, is scripted.

So “design” is partly finding an object to focus on within a larger field? Yes. You have to set a reference point, create contrast.

Create relationships. Yes. Whenever I take a camera somewhere, I find myself constantly looking for frames.

People are well trained to watch television which follows a format or “informs” the viewer. We become well trained to notice all those things we are “supposed to” notice.

Who does the scripting? Ah, corporate interests largely, politicians, religious institutions. The powers that be have their power by virtue of writing all the scripts.

Programmers. Yes, even computer programmers. So why do they have your camera?

To control us. That’s why they took it. Why do they still have it?

Because we freely give it to them. Does this benefit us?

We don’t see the real picture. Oh, yes we do. We indeed do. The belief in real is very well scripted. If we don’t have that script, how would we tell what is real? If you lived in a lavishly appointed home, with all your needs met but no media, would you be able to keep your grasp on reality?

It might appear to entertain us but it doesn’t in the long run. But if we don’t have the script isn’t someone else defining reality? Someone else is defining reality because we do have the script, and we know all the lines very well. We have our roles down pat perfectly.

I could keep my grasp on my tiny corner of reality, I think. How would you do that? With daily living, doing the tasks I do each day, I’d be in my reality. Ah, internal guidance, living from your innate nature. Does real life let us do that?

No. Typically there is no time. “Real” life makes me go out, work, associate. Indeed, and are we ever really on time?

Isn’t our lives already scripted for us before we are born? No. Intended for us, but not scripted.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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