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The act of speaking to spirits doesnt change the spirits. It changes you. Act as if you were they, and you will have their power.

New Director in Intention


What inspired Picasso or DaVinci?

Imagination. Internal vision. Ah, making images, making “movies.” They took ownership of their cameras. How did their use of their minds differ from our own?

And called crazy, but I’m thinking crazy isn’t always a bad thing. Scientists are beginning to think the same.

I’d say their minds ranged more than ours. Did they range out of control? Do our minds work under our control? Does your mind work as you direct it to?

Now and then. Big difference between the two phases of our life, no?

I ponder dream-mind. You mean waking mind? I was thinking of dreams (sleeping) and how the mind has a mind of its own. The conscious mind is a camera, the unconscious or instinctive mind is the mount. Your mind pivots about according to every flash and signal, every cue. Are these cues random?

No. What pattern do they display?

Creation. All patterns are creation. Reality is maintained by repetition. This is why our current reality is insane. People are honestly expecting change, but they won’t diverge from the cues. We intend the same ways, and expect different results, is this not so? Intention is selection, or direction of intention.

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It is extremely hard to reprogram. Who is your director? Have they settled in a final location?

Mine needs a good kick in the pants regularly. Actually no, needs fired. We think kicks in the pants work. This is why we blame the economy and politics. We think everything will be all right if we make someone try harder. Has that worked yet?

No. So where would you find a new director, and how would you train them?

Hire from within? Excellent, but again, the training issue. How would you train them?

Perhaps they would train you. In a sense, yes, but mostly when people build up a big head of steam about how they are going to change their lives, everything just goes back to the way it was. Why is that?

That is what they were trained to do.

We fall back into habitual “frames” and reactions.

They are drawing from industry methods. They try to have their freedom and keep in touch with the shop at the same time.

You’re saying I have to throw out industry standards? The engineer in me has trouble with that. Still, it’s vitally necessary if you would have things go the way you claim you want them to.

So, let’s say you get all these issues out of the way, new trustworthy director whose loyalties are only to you, and you have taken ownership of all your equipment back, then what?

I would want to know what our intentions were. True.

I think a scouting mission is needed. Scouting, yes. Experience, confront the world, but if you go looking for a script you will find it. They are as cheap as the paper they get printed on.

Lots of scripts are available, of course. Ah, but are sequels really worth spending a life on?

I ponder “invention.” IN-vention. Turning inward? Yes, exactly, but you have to start with what the media allows. It’s visual. You can’t get around that. It’s “video.” The bulk of human brain function is taken up with processing visual depictions of our environment. Only those whose equipment has been altered work in alternate media. Sound in the case of the blind, but for the rest of us video is what we have. Do you have a movie if you don’t start shooting somewhere?

What about the internal director? Ah, the internal director just keeps the scenes running together smoothly, makes certain the cut work is high quality.

Can you begin by internally visualizing the script you want to create? You can indeed, though that can be challenging, often too challenging. People often feel pretty defeated by visualization work. They don’t know where to begin let alone how to find the motivation to keep at it. Why is that?

They don’t know how to listen.

What they see doesn’t match and it’s a strong pull.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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