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Heat. Calories are a measure of heat energy. Entropy is also referred to as heat death. From death renewed life, and from life’s process slow death. Where really is the separation?

Change the Script in Waste


The wasted word is the word unspoken. The wasted life is the life unlived. Everything else is cause/effect.

If you get stuck in a recursive pattern, where is the issue? Do people really make you do the same things repeatedly? And the first time you did it, how could you say it would be a waste? How would you know?

Recursive thinking they call rehearsal, and we all get that script. Now admittedly some small portion of that programming is useful. We do need to survive, but does the script stop there?

No. It pretty much sets your life path unfortunately. If you let it. The Magi have a saying: “Wear the outer robe of the law, and the inner robe of the mystic”. I am not advocating cutting and running from reality, just embracing some internal freedom. It might make you even better able to cope.

And then decades go by and you wonder what happened. Yes, energy is lost when a system decays. Slips into a deeper and deeper disorder. The script is moth eaten is it not? I myself perceive big holes in this “ancient” agreement. Aren’t we all told to “grow up”? Why haven’t we?

Why should we though? What is growing up? For our own health and happiness, but growing up as defined in the script doesn’t provide that, does it?

The script doesn’t include the virtual world of Second Life. No, it doesn’t, and people say this is a really wild and weird place, and it’s a good place.

The script is all about conformity and non thinking. Exactly. We know we have grown up when we can do what Mommy and Daddy do, right? That is what we shoot for. The script we live by is thinking, and we want our thinking, the “meat” of our life, cut for us. Then we find out Mommy and Daddy aren’t happy. Seeing that the script is flawed.

In engineering, they actually seek only to control one thing. It determines whether a tool or machine is viable, “waste” energy. If they have too much waste energy in the design, the design breaks down. It won’t do much work before it breaks. In today’s system can we do much work before we break?

We take breaks. Oh, ideally.

It seems breaks give an excuse for you to work harder than you should. Indeed. It’s a dodge to justify exploiting you.

I can with proper maintenance. Yes. So this is what I’m getting at. The script itself is yours to change. If you have to have a lot of rest, shouldn’t you ask yourself why? Does it seem natural that burn out is everywhere? If we aren’t engaging in wasting our time and energy, then we should function very smoothly, no? But we try to work as we are told to work. Does that work?

Or many people work while they are having lunch. Why do that? Why not enjoy lunch and then work? You should have lunch while you’re having lunch. All the spiritual schools say this.

Invention doesn’t come down from on high does it? Any invention comes from individual thinkers who could then effectively share their insight. We have reached a stagnant point both in our culture and our science. We have been here before just before the renaissance and then again before the “age of reason.” It is always preceded by an act of deconstruction, many acts really, and regrettably tension/anger to motivate that.

Unfortunately, we always need to go to the break point before we’ll rethink something. Until then it’s the “Way it has to be.” Masochism? Yup, seems so. Hurt me! Stress me! Order me around! Reward me like I was an unwanted dog! And yet we go home and won’t tolerate merely human behaviour from our spouses or children. Is this right?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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