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You can change reality mearly by correctly directing peoples focus.

Instant Script in Intention


What about socks?

Mine are white. Are they really?

They disappear in the laundry. Socks are unreliable.

I check my feet.

See what happens? And your mind goes on from there, instant script, all starting from the question, What about socks?

Let’s try something juicier. What about love?

Find yourself going over old scripts? You probably feel you know all about love, at least from your own point of view, but do you really? Why do you feel it’s so clear a thing?

Rehearsal. Rehearsal of a bad play where the hero’s right and nobody thinks or expects too much. Hollywood buys those movie rights and feeds them to the rest of us on a regular basis. There are lots of available scripting on love. Do the love scripts go the way we want them to?

Not always. Why not?

So many love scripts. Always one that “fits” isn’t there. Ah, trying to use out of scene scripts. Hack writers each and every one of them always using cheap short-cuts. Could you decide how the script goes?

1001 variations on a romance novel out there. Yes. Do you want a tall cup of highly caffeinated sugar water, or a supersized cup of highly caffeinated sugar water? What if you set your own scenes?

Much better, I would think. You could play them without controlling them. Why couldn’t someone set their own scenes?

I gave up on “love” three decades ago and became a hermit. (Never so happy before!) Everything we do is for love. Not ME! What have you been loving?

I script my own loving, thank you. I love my own scripting.

For love of play, do we play? For love of music, do we sing? For love of pain, do we hurt? People do tend to fall into a masochistic aesthetic.

Perhaps we hurt for lack of love of something. Exactly.

Why would I do a movie of apples? Could I choose to do a movie of apples without either loving apples or being told to do the movie? If I’m told to do the movie, did I choose to?

Perhaps you have some apples to sell and you need some marketing and product placement. Oh indeed, that is possible.

You choose to do what you’re told. In theory. Do I love to be told what to do? Does anyone love to be told what to do?

Some people don’t want the responsibility of making their own decisions. Ah indeed, see what that traces back to though?

Love is just a chemical in the brain. It’s called oxytocin. Love is a complex operation of the brain and the rest of the body. This operation takes place in the context of the environment around the individual. The individual as a closed system cannot originate the love process.

Free will to decide what love is. Free love to decide what will is. It’s important, that order.

It takes two. I don’t mean romantic love necessarily. I mean exuberance, fascination, that same thing that will make you stop and stare at something for just a little while. Love of novel experience in that case even if you quickly suppress it. But people do not know what will is. They throw their own will away.

Assign it to others. Yes, and live a life of telling others, “I will … I will … I will!” Then they go postal and climb a bell tower with a sniper rifle. Why does it go this way?

Programmed. Yes. They live life in episodes. The only breaks are all commercial. This is why people become addicted to “retail therapy.” Buying something new to distract themselves. New toys will make me feel better, when in fact new better will make me feel toys. I know that phrase sounds silly, but do you see the meaning? New feeling.

I fell in love with a painting recently. Excellent, as life is meant to be lived.

Love is love. Love is life, life is life, life is being, love is self-evident. Intrinsic value, a thing done for its own sake.

And it is it’s own “reason” for being. Yes.

So, never mind socks, what about rocks?

Love rocks.

Socks can also rock.

And the beat goes on. Do you decide which of these songs is playing? If not, why not?

I followed you. What if I am following you while you think you are following me? Creative blots of ink at best, not much market for that. Only “highbrow types” buy that. They call it abstract art. It’s also called rational thought.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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