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To the degree that you defer to the wisdom of this life that brought someone so amazing as you into being, accept that you are meant to be, and feel, and have desires, and take actions according to the dictates of your heart.

Express Four Things in Intention


Shall we move into the fourth dimension now?

This is where you start honestly believing in things. You believe things are real when there are three elements. You believe they are meaningful when they have four. Life begins to look immersive. You can start imagining you have choices with four elements, and yet, what about the mystic who feels everything is predestined? That the only meaningful life is serving gods will so they can receive the reward of heaven? You can go somewhere with four dimensions, but do you have choice yet?

The picture looks complete with four things. The canvas has four corners. A four square life makes us believe things like “life is hard and then you die.” The art remains constrained by the medium, and many an artist has expressed frustration, even suffering, in that they couldn’t get around the restrictions of their medium. Is this not so?

So what to do? Is this the end? Every part of you is likely screaming no, am I wrong?

You have to figure out how it all started with the first colour, and how you chose that. What choices were open to you? What does that colour really mean? This is where you realize that the message is greater than the medium. The story is greater than the characters, and any work can be adapted to any other medium, and script can be changed.

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Find the root and recompose? Find the spirit and forget the inspiration, or rather don’t make an idol of a reality that has clay feet. The real life people are living has no author, not really, and no one has the genuine clue. The blind lead the blind, but at this point you have one eye open. With that being the case, what can’t you do?

Charge all the blind people for “seeing” services. Ah, would have to convince them you were blind so they could believe you knew what you were talking about. But you can do something else. What if you decide exactly what socks are? Or perhaps you decide there are no socks?

What do they call informed deletion?

Redaction? Yes. Editing, where before you were only practising censorship.

What if you deliberately selected your four colours? They have another word for the person who does that job, producer. After you have done that then the director’s job is just a technicality. Helpful, but not nearly so scary. When the director you is following the producer you, who is working with the editor you?

The director has context now? Yes. You actually have the basis for a real work to happen. The term magnum opus was originally used by alchemists. It was the great work that would allow transformation of all the worlds impurities, and ultimate liberation to achieve unification with the absolute. But can it happen on someone else’s dime? Can you work with someone else’s script? And all the prima donna actors who feel they are suffering for their art? When it comes to your life, when is show time going to be? Has it even opened yet?

I’m still deciding what I want to do when I grow up. That’s the reason you haven’t yet done it. I intend to be a fish who sails through space and wows people with his feats of epic comedy.

I’ll come to see your show. You are seeing it, and I can and will change it at any moment.

Sounds like a fish story to me. Indeed, I swear it was this big! [Reaches out his arms.] Took my whole life. It means everything to me!

But seriously, life does indeed have meaning. Have you found it yet?

So I need to find my four things? Not find, no finding, the pusher is in it for themselves, the mafia controls everything, and the illuminati are watching it all from behind the scenes and laughing while they snack on peoples souls.

Create four things? Express four things. Align them according to your own wisdom, your own sense of aesthetics. Find meaning in your four things. You do that by combining them and recombining them. Eventually, you do see the zero point, and those four things can be all things.

I’ll have the fillet of soul with a side of regret and a drizzling of ennui. Yes, that is what real life promises you. I prefer to keep it imaginary. Other people can keep it real if they want, and the man will never give them a break.

Enthusiasm for dessert. Dessert makes it fun. Makes it divine. Desserts. Everybody looks for them and they never like the sandwich, always bite off more than they can chew, and then blame fate, bad luck. Does that really seem reasonable? Make my dessert include spinach. I think they call that ovaltine or something, invention right there.

Spinach ganache? Ah, and I imagine spinach ganache could work. This is how anything real gets started. Accept no substitute realities. They’re just cheap knock offs and you get paid for it. No good deed goes unpunished. What has money done for you? What have you done for money? Isn’t there something screwy there? People never own money. They use it for something real, or they are owned by it, but you never own it. Feeling light yet?

Yes. So light that I’m going to fly. And yet your wallets been left untouched.

I’m sensing light. It’s out there. See you there? I will be here my whole life. Any sensation will in time become boring, but sense never does.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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