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Most of peoples impulses are right.

Life Is About Intention in Intention


My name is Travis. Travis means gate keeper, or man of the cross roads. My Mom chose it intuitively. It does seem to be my purpose to bring us to this gate. I don’t make people choose, but I do something “evil”.

When you see that you have the choice, you can’t go away and pretend you didn’t make it. People hate that, but it’s the most precious gift I have to offer anyone, and well… The gate isn’t going anywhere. We all will pass in time. Maybe only after many lives. It’s a free world and yours to choose.

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I’m thinking of that inner voice. It’s my intention and I should listen to it. It’s not your impulses. It’s more quiet than those. It’s also more persistent.

Pinocchio’s cricket? Indeed. This is why crickets are lucky. It’s good to listen to little voices, children, birds, the planet. We all might survive if we do. We have been filling our ears with noise long enough, that is for sure.

Is there a reason the author choose a cricket to symbolise conscience and good judgement? Because the cricket is a little creature that is very loud, shows no fear, but shows good judgement. It will stay under rocks or in wood piles. It doesn’t need to be eaten by a bird.

But crickets can also bring an empty feeling like when someone tells a bad joke that no one gets. You hear a cricket sound effect. That’s a human judgement, but that comes from the human subconscious awareness of other humans. We, in the back of our minds, know that most people fit this description. The lights are on, but nobody’s home. The sound just suggests the nobody’s home message.

I’m glad when I’m not home. I am glad when I am not home, and I am glad when I am.

There is a wide range of intention both big and small. It’s true, and when you have this realization, you can have your cake and eat it too. The realization is that life is not about choice. When you realize that life is about intention, then you can have your bed, and have your partner in it also, with no feeling of conflict.

Actually, I slept on my husbands side of the bed when he was gone and felt better. Excellent. That is working with intention. We can do it freely. We just have to give ourselves the permission to be what some might call “weak”. The tree that will not bend in the hurricane will instead break. Those moments of weakness are in fact our greatest strong points.

When my wife has moments she feels she can’t deal well with stuff, she always seems surprised that this doesn’t upset me. Do you know why it doesn’t upset me? In those moments she’s awake, aware of her real intention, or has that option, and she has repeatedly chosen peace with herself. This gives me great confidence. I have nothing to fear in her choice, because she won’t choose based on what isn’t real, her so called thoughts. She chooses based on her heart. It is like being in the presence of an angel. I can see nothing more sacred in a human guise as someone who chooses that way.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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