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Two World Facets in Star Nations

Star Nations

In world beliefs across our planet, there is the notion of man going to or coming from the stars. Some even believing that their kind did not originate on earth. The human genome project itself actually singles out a starting population of homo sapiens that was really not that high. Do you know the number?

In the hundreds? Oh, higher than that. Something in the neighbourhood of 20k+, but still not really that high.

Small town. Yes, and another factor… Comparing our genome to that of other species on our planet, with the notion that we are the most evolved species on our planet. You would think we would be the most genetically complex or diverse, would you not?

We are not. In fact, we are perhaps the least genetically diverse species on the planet. Any two genetically typical examples of homo-sapiens, otherwise not genetically related, are 87% identical.

Probably because we killed off any variants. Yes. There is some evidence to support that, though it is not entirely proven.

Ok. The lead in is complicated so I beg your patience. According to what we understand of biology in species occurring on this planet, there is little to no explanation for our species having a brain that dominates all other systems. It’s resource intensive, and we can’t really establish a historical vector that would have moved our species to favour it. It still doesn’t on an instinctive level as we tend to regard those who have physical characteristics that would suggest breeding stock as more sexually attractive than those with exceptional mental faculties. The mental faculties still seem like an aberration to the point we are even calling the neurally atypical individuals in our species defective. And yet these defective individuals, rather than being weeded out, are becoming more common, and this is not adequately explained by environmental pollutants alone.

Every culture on this planet has had a model of the world that had two facets. The single materialistic world is only a recent doctrine. The first facet of the old model still looked much like our materialistic model does today, and involved more than just an acceptance of environmental awareness. It was the basis of tools and technology and science.

The other side of the old model was the inverse of material perception, and was primarily concerned with human intuition, metacognition, and perceptual anomalies. Sort of the esoteric side of materialism, at least at first. It would only later acquire the aspect of transcendence so popular in modern philosophy and religion.

Simplistically the two sides are described as science and religion? Well, no. Modern religion in a distortion of the older path.

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