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Life is an unsolved riddle only to the degree that you haven’t yet realized yourself to be the answer.

Detection Of Other Worlds in Star Nations

Star Nations

Ever notice that animals will react to the behaviour not only of their own kind but of other species as well? And not just in a predator versus prey sort of way, but in an informational way? Animals also do not automatically reject the supposedly crazy members of their species, do they? Animal ostracism occurs when a member fails to respond to empathy and that only. Otherwise skittishness is responded to, taken seriously, especially in herd animals.

There is currently a scientist who is delving into what she calls the HSP section of humanity. Highly Sensitive Person. There are strictly neurological aspects of this phenomenon, and species seem to select for this trait even to a limited degree. This is why highly social animals like prairie dogs have members that act as “sentries”. So do bees, even birds.

Ok. To get closer to the point… In human reckoning, it is always the highly sensitive types who report the “other world” as we call it, and report that there are places on our world that lead to other worlds. Modern science now is actually leaning to time/space not being a constant. They have even found that our space appears to lose light over distance, which was originally seen as an impossibility. Well… I can go into the science of how faster than light transit could happen, or just accept that it happens and go on to the cultural and mythological background of it.

I thought it wouldn’t have to happen because we would travel differently. Worm holes and such? A mechanical method of FTL (faster then light) is unnecessary, and there are actually very few records of air craft and none that suggest actual FTL travel of these aircraft. Instead, there are references to paths, said in countless different ways, and there are actual preserved reckonings of stars that are supposedly not visible with the naked eye, and astronomical events that we were never supposed to have been able to see. These are actually viewed as very meaningful by the cultures that keep them. Chinese Taoism and Bon both have many references to star systems, and star paths, and traveling to these sectors of space, that most people view as metaphorical symbolism at best.

Our cultures on this planet all have stories of other sentient beings. Why is it that our species would make up contacts with entities like ourselves, when supposedly they had little time to do other than learn to survive? Many dismiss it as an over active imagination. The workings of a brain too big to give its entire attention to hunting, but this seems far fetched to me. What about you? Even if it is human imagination, why then such radical distortions of form? As strange as other ethnic groups may have seemed to early man, they didn’t differ that much.

Not only are there stories of contact, but of actual communication, even communion. Some treating these non-humans as members of their communities, like the sasquatch say, or the figures of Asian myth, even the proto-humans in Greek belief.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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