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Planetary Travel in Star Nations

Star Nations

Space not being a constant, it’s not hard to imagine that planetary travel doesn’t actually have to cross space. With a sufficient grasp of higher dimensional spatial topography, divining and designing means to use hyper spatial pathways would seem rather simple.

You don’t have to travel physically. It’s not preferred. It’s true physical travel is unnecessary, but it is possible. And if you choose to do it, you would want a vessel that is as versatile as possible, and perhaps well contained if the planet is otherwise not supportive of your type of life. Thus sky beings are often shown as contained in one sort of thing or another.

In fact, quantum science suggests that our spatial dimensions form only what might be called an explicate dimension of a very broad reality. That what we consider to be space is really just the surface of an implicate and hyper spatial expanse that is the actual origin of all reality. Like a bug skimming across the surface of a puddle of water, we walk across a field of energy that is actually only a superficial characteristic of reality itself.

So though on a superficial level we perceive our planet as removed from another by a vast expanse of void, it may be intimately close in the hyperspatial geography. Add the spatial distortion of the greater mass of dark matter in our universe, and in fact, our universe as we can visibly see it is really pretty small.

Earth mysticism has a lot of ways of explaining this, but it’s all basically the same thing. There is no separation between the energy that lets you perceive a visible object, and the energy that lets you think about it. They are harmonious, even synonymous, and human science has a seriously mistaken notion about how physical law supposedly interferes with the broadcast of psychic signals.

All matter/energy actually serves as a carrier wave of psychic information. This is seen even with human psychics, and they practice what we call psychometry or object reading. Even our parapsychologists theorize that memory can be stored in stone that we build our structures from. Their estimate is too limited, but to get to my point… The psychic energies of earth are being received in many places across the universe, and even spaces not in our universe as we define it. For the longest while, these signals were being merely monitored. As a certain amount of turmoil and stress is to be expected in the evolution of a species.

Now they are broadcasting too? Oh, yes. Now they are broadcasting mostly what might be called emergency signals, and they are doing so for two reasons. Psychic crisis on earth, and a spurt in psychic consciousness among homo sapiens.

The last experience I had, it seemed to surprise the non-terrestrials that they were receiving the signal. The default assumption among the Star Nations is that humans are, for lack of a better term, non-sentient, non aware. So they are attempting a psychic patch. This wasn’t the original estimate though. When humans still practiced the dreaming they were considered merely juvenile. Aware, but not yet mature.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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