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Mechanism is a Fetish in Waves


You have the collective weight of physical force acting on all physical systems. Like a guiding wave, it keeps all the matter spinning in tight little packets like a stick starts doing when you toss it into a stream. But with properly applied intention, that stick can instead be forced to submerge.

The universe doesn’t have so much force that its behaviour cannot be changed. Like throwing a big rock at the stick so it instead is submerged to the bottom of the stream, with sufficient understanding we could reshape the behaviour of physical forces in our environment, but not suspending them. The physical forces we are observing aren’t actually even there. They appear to be there because of our method and medium of observation alone.

It seems astounding to contemporary scientists every time one of their “machines” is turned on its head, like a quantum effect allowing a nanostructure to refrigerate a macroscopic object, or wet and warm creatures that not only display complex quantum effects in their biology but display a sensitivity to them. But the “clay” is not the same as the principles that form clay and govern how it behaves.

They have been looking at things like the flesh of our brains and insisting that the physical behaviour has to be able to explain the experience of consciousness, or looking at the medium of light and insisting that the experience of “qualia” (the intelligible forms we experience in the matter and energy around us) must be present in and explained by that energy. That, as well as similar others of course.

A rose by any other name would indeed smell as sweet, because the paper is not the picture, and when you can get an actual hold on that “paper” or real fabric of the current you live in, then reality seems much more mutable, much more open ended.

Back to the wormhole/stream metaphor… When we began to really understand the behaviour of water, we gained the ability to make it behave in ways that were in no way suggested by or directly associated with simple water. An example would be the steam engine. With that, we went on to reconfigure the very face of this planets landscape for better or worse. Mostly worse so far. This still sounding so out there?

I had a bit of a brain skip there though… A rose by any other name would still smell as sweet because the qualia of the conscious framework that lets us recognize a rose is pre-existent to the matter of the rose. This is why respective elements of matter that originally bear no resemblance to a rose come together to form one in the first place. If matter really explains everything, or anything really, then everything is dust. Literally, dust on your shoes should be able to explain every thought that occurs in your brain.

Mechanism is a fetish and keeps us stuck trading in cowrie shells. Actually, nothing so beautiful even as cowrie shells when we have at our disposal the fundamental mastery of our very existence. I mean our existence as human beings.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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