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Life is first the step you take, and then the ground you tread upon.

Conforming to the Behaviour of Nature in Waves


With continued understanding, they will also discover that the fabric of probability on our planet is like a living thing. It can be nurtured and fed and even guided into new shapes, but should by no means be “killed” for the sake of economic expedience. Our machines really are down right primitive in the light of the universal picture. This is why robotics is not pioneering new ways to do physical work. It’s imitating organisms. It has to in order to accomplish its goals. Even computing, rather than finding a superior way to process information, is progressively conforming to the behaviour of nature.

They are examining insects to figure out better ways to do everything. Indeed.

They now are imitating the neurons organisms use not only in software and that’s huge. Google just purchased a start up software company that was specializing in that, but they are imitating them in the manufacture of computer chips as well. They have a prototype computer chip that when they burned a significant part of it with a laser, it repaired itself almost to full function just as they are finding that the brain can reconfigure itself to adjust to just about anything. This excites them a great deal because it means our brains really could adjust to machines being implanted in our heads. They are still dragging their heels in this area, because they insist on the machine paradigm and that real world information can be reduced to codes governing pattern recognition. Our own brains seem to actually do the opposite. They reference certain core patterns in our brain then seem to check the rest of the brain to see if those are present there also. Long story short on that last bit, you feel before you decide anything, and you feel even before you perceive anything. The body already knows everything it might possibly be likely to experience. It’s like a big bang core in your brain.

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We literally see as we are? Yes. They used to think that vision was the human primary sense, and it is huge, but it is not primary, not even close. Our primary sense is touch, proprioception. The same sense that tells us we have a stomach ache also governs all other perception and shapes how we interpret everything, even your decisions. If you are in a good mood, any positive course of action can seem valid. If you are in a bad mood, no concrete course of action will seem valid, almost like a syntax governing everything else.

I have found that I need to think about things when I’m in the right mood to do so.┬áThe world has moods. Your personal observations are part of a collective process and what physically occurs is governed by the collective mood of an environment. Like an island, or a town, everyone living there is involved. Even the things we don’t see but are still living there are involved. It all looks like cause and effect, but it isn’t mechanical cause and effect. It’s observation and reaction.

They recently officially classified viruses as life forms. It’s been demonstrated that they have an immune system, and thus are able to react to stimuli. A virus won’t let itself get infected. It won’t allow chemical add-ons that would hurt it if it can help it, but they do still get overpowered.

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