Evil is characterized by opposition. So opposition breeds more of itself.

Sith and Jedi Paths in Syncretism

Sith Code

Would you say the Sith path is evil?

I wouldn’t. Is the Jedi path genuinely, completely good?

Not as you describe it, but they do tend to blow up planets. Yes, there is that potential.

The Jedi get twisted as well. Arguably, Jedi also tend to let planets get blown up, leaving it up to groups to decide whether or not they will build death stars. Is that not so?

But Jedi aren’t the ones doing the blowing. Is the passive bystander in evil innocent? If you stand by while you witness a murder, are you innocent of that blood?

It depends on whether you had the power to stop it. Can you get power through others? From anyone or anything else?

That’s typically how most people get power, through others. It is also how they lose it. They are studying this. There was even an older experiment of the prisoners versus guards scenario.

I was thinking recently that you can’t blame the 1%. Their wealth grows and they have little avenue for distribution. I think people get power through accomplishment, at least the 1% do. There are those who indeed do that very thing. Inventors typically don’t wait for permission to invent. They invent and the world changes because they did. Scientists ideally don’t wait for permission to question things. They investigate and the world changes because of what they learned.

Edison was a Sith. That explains everything. Edison was a Sith. Tesla leaned a bit too far to the Jedi perhaps, unfortunately, because his ideas did have much more merit. He just lacked the insight to get them fully and consistently supported. Edison was a creative wet paper bag by comparison.

So any questions or comments about the Sith code? Would you care to identify which of the two codes you personally identify with most naturally?

The Sith certainly sounded more realistic.

I’m naturally Jedi, but a Sith admirer. You would be what they call Grey Jedi then.

I think I’m in the middle. Is there a green party? There is a green party. Two I can think of right off the top of my head, the Jedi agricultural core which Jedi who fail their trials are often directed to, and the Dathomiri witches would be as well, the Nightsisters of Dathomir.

Just going by the codes, I’m more Sith than Jedi, but I wouldn’t hurt innocent people. You can be moral and be a Sith. There are groups that derived their own understanding of the force from the Sith though they don’t subscribe to the Sith agenda.

I can cover the Nightsisters, if that would be of interest. I can even discuss the Dathomiri schism.

I didn’t know anyone used the Force other than Jedi and Sith. Ah, many do, some alien cultures. There is an order of monks that use it to time travel, and they discovered in the Yuuzhan Vong conflict, that though at first they thought the Vong to be outside of the force, it was actually their personal view of the Force that was too limited. They weren’t prepared to use the Force to interact with something that felt so completely alien to them.

That makes the whole Star Wars world more interesting, seeing how different cultures use the Force.

Till next time friends, may the Force be with you. Your thoughts are welcome.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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