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Actual freedom is not seperation from anything, but rather the recognition of the meaning in the walls that surround you.

Dragon Paths in Dragon Lore

Dragon Magick

The rituals of Taoist sorcery involve walking the “dragon paths” which mirror constellations in the sky. These dances, for lack of a better term, serve to unlock the inherited wisdom of the dragon emperors, the prehistoric “yellow” emperor having been one of them. A great many people are descended from those lines, even those who have no known Chinese ancestry. This is why you see dragon imagery depicted so heavily in Chinese cultures. It isn’t worshipping some alien class of beings. It’s veneration of the ancestors, much like we put up monuments of respected people today.

Astrology, geomancy, alchemy also, vestiges of which were retained even in the Egyptian system which was inherited by the Arabic peoples before it every made its way to the northern reaches of Europe. Alchemy was originally the secret not of transmuting inorganic matter, though it can and is now leading to that in the budding nanotechnology. Alchemy was the secret of consciously driving and guiding the evolution of our own DNA. It is possible to consciously do so, which even now our science is just rediscovering.

Possible to consciously do so? Ah, yes. The meditations and insights into biodiversity that formed the original basis of alchemy, well, they were a system of deliberately utilizing epigenetic transformation. Of course, they became debased. Human ingenuity tends to muddle as often as it advances any body of knowledge, does it not?

A simple example of the original draconic alchemy would be taking something like a herbal medicine, and using it and all of its effects, even those we call “side effects”, as a sort of tracer element for our own consciousness. A simple example would be caffeine. Rather than just drinking caffeine for the buzz and developing a dependency on it, the spreading stead of stimulation could support a deliberate activation or awareness of and suppression of different processes in the body. Human adrenal glands tend to be way too over-active. Just as human consciousness can activate the adrenals, it can “rest” them also. That consciousness just might need an assist. The impact of trained rest on the adrenal glands is that stress related reflexes become less overstated, and stress related illnesses become less common, even perhaps non-existent. Sounds good, no? Sounding farfetched so far?

Yoga massages the different organs of the body. With less exposure to adrenaline, organs eventually have fewer receptors for it. The “intelligence” of the organ changes, becomes less ready to behave the way that chemical signals it to, and yoga, the gift of the naga, also dragons.

Yes, chakras… organs. All of these things are dragon magick, if perhaps in a distorted form, and some less distorted than others.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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