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The Way to Contact Dragons in Dragon Lore

Dragon Magick

So the way to contact dragons?

We all have a species memory of dragons, and although our art is really sort of crude, even just the suggestion of that memory can send out a ping, an echo of memory that resonates with a dragon’s current consciousness.

Could the memory be in our DNA? It is, and is reactivated when we see things that look like dragons. Even large reptiles can trigger it. What changes that, and strengthens it into a call, is deliberate attention and intention. If the signal you are sending seems “awake”, they will be likely to respond.

What about if you dream about one that says it was your mother? There is a chance this is true, at least on an astral level, and perhaps in the long history of your DNA as well.

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Yes, I got the feeling it was ancestral. So in the dream the concept of mother came up, but maybe it was trying to say grandmother.

I think she was. She was a blue dragon in a tunnel. Dragon colour corresponds to aura state. There is no separation between their aura and their “physical” coloration, perhaps kind of like a chameleon.

So we all have some dragon DNA in us? Yes, and if we begin to communicate with dragons, well… It’s sort of like communicating with any new culture. They have something new and useful to offer, and in this case being our elders that have a great deal more experience of the universe to offer us if we ask and listen. But as we contact and communicate with them even our own thinking begins to change, a sort of “going native.” The more you see your magickal and even spiritual practice from the draconic point of view, the more it will change. In time, it might not resemble anything as limited as the old traditional practices, and you may recover a lot of insight regarding them. The martial arts, yoga, diplomacy, alchemy, engineering, a great many things. Their culture is as rich and diverse as our own, just more “holistic” in the cosmic sense.

And well, notice the tendency of human educators to take a parental sort of attitude toward their students? In a recent case even sacrificing their life to save them. Dragon allies tend to adopt the same attitude over time. It’s not really a divinely ordained duty or anything, just something they come to feel responsibility for.

Some might find working with dragons a bit frustrating. They are very dynamic, sort of “reptilian”, impulsive in a primordially wise sort of way, and in a sense “flighty.” They see it as the hatchlings duty to fend for themselves from time to time, again sort of a reptilian attitude, no? But like a mother crocodile, when you have come to a state of kinship with a dragon, they will do whatever they can to assist when it matters most.

Their wording seems a bit strange to human thinking. They tend to avoid the pronoun I, and they give names that correspond more to mood or state of being, personality or temperament than any physical id as we think of it. They find the idea of single identification to be misguided, seen from a personal or social point of view. Perhaps it comes from a history of metamorphosis, structural camouflage. Some of our animals change their pigmentation, they change their atomic composition. It’s why dragons were described as being “poisonous” at one point in human history. When humans and dragons were in conflict, they were forced to shift their physical forms, left the surrounding area a bit radiation damaged. Occasionally, there are still some atmospheric breaches and people think they are UFOs.

How to we connect in thoughts with dragons? They share our same astral space, though shifted a bit in “frame.” Have you ever sensed someone else’s state of mind or even thoughts?

Sometimes, yes. If you open that part of your awareness and center there (and would perhaps be better off using a physical focus for an assist as well) with the intention of contacting the “advanced reptilian mind”, letting yourself feel your sense of that reptilian presence and being open to sentience there, you send a call which after a little bit they may respond to. With sincerity and persistence they likely will respond to it, even if the contact is sort of tangential.

Is it possible that a non-dragon responds, as there are other things/spirits out there. Oh yes, possible though unlikely. As you use the human species memory of dragons to launch your call, you do shift your psychic energy in such a way that few would really be able to “intercept” it. It would take more motivation than most beings have, kind of like how we wouldn’t really be interested in listening to other peoples phone calls.

Unfortunately, these classes can only give background and guidance on where to look to begin exploring and practice, but I think even that helps. Don’t fear the dragon.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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