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Science started with the uncensored motive to understand, and they called it magic.

Uplift Humanity in Dragon Lore

Dragon Magick

Now that astral atmosphere I mentioned earlier, it’s shared by every world in terran time/space. Consciousness emerges in all worlds, and existed before all worlds. That “space” of conscious energy is what causes universes to emerge.

“Dragons” live on earth. Our time space has holes in it, and for a time they lived closer to our specific region of the multiverse than they do now. They retreated early on. Humans don’t make for very friendly neighbours, but though they retreated down one of the dragon holes in our time space, they still share our astral space. This is why they remain in our collective unconscious despite otherwise having been long absent. They themselves are as old as the “big bang” itself. If you think of the primal atom as being like a neuron on consciousness, dragons as well as other beings lived in the first dream, which is in reality an eternal dream.

They achieved sentience very early, and have acted to uplift humanity and other species almost as a cultural value. Uplift being bring to sentience, full awareness. They had a hand in shaping some of the world’s oldest bloodlines. This is why they show up so commonly in tribal lore, even prehistoric petroglyphs.

The reason I say all of this is that dragon magick and magick in general are very closely linked. The shamanic rites of the hunt were dragon inspired, activating the “reptilian” brain in man so they could tune into the earth’s bio-electrical field more fully. This is perhaps the most simple act of dragon magick, and this tuning into the earth’s bio-electrical field is what lead to disciplines like Chinese geomancy as well, which really was widely practised before some cultures slipped into the atavism we know to have been early human history. The earth’s first cities were planned based on this. The world’s oldest city, found in Turkey if I recall, has dragon imagery in its stonework.

So, they not only helped humanity understand the geosphere, which is why mythologically we associate them with the deep earth, they also helped humanity understand their immediate region of space, inspiring early calendars and clocks. The great serpent of Mayan mythology is credited with this insight. What would the feathered serpent be other than a dragon?

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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