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We are not what we do, but what we do does in many ways stem from what we are.

Many World Theory in Dragon Lore

Dragon Magick

Shall we explore many world theory a little bit as it relates to the topic of Dragon Magick?

On the literal level, the many worlds scenario arises because in order for one event to have been possible, the complimentary event also had to be possible. In order to have had the ability to take the right hand door, you also had to have the ability to take the left hand door. Which doesn’t mean that in theory you had to have the choice, it means the energy you exerted to go through the right hand door had to also involve energy that reflected going through the left hand door, and both those “worlds” exist in the exact same time and space, right here, right now. This happens even at an atomic level.

Now let’s move onto how this reflects in consciousness. In order for human like consciousness to arise there must also be the potential for non-human consciousness to arise, yes? Not only the potential, but it actually had to emerge, and in worlds where the so called physical energy diverged from our own, wouldn’t the “mental” likewise diverge?

People tend to get a little lost when it gets to this point. They just imagine clones of themselves doing all sorts of things that they personally would never do, but that model doesn’t reflect reality very well. The being that took the other door doesn’t necessarily think like you, doesn’t necessarily look like you either. What they do share with you is a cosmic footprint, perhaps not unlike a karmic tie, but in an entirely different context.

So more like a real life twin would be? In the near proximity world, yes. If we could reach just a little distance to the side of our world, yes, the person in your cosmic shadow would likely look like you with perhaps only minor difference, but go farther and they would look less and less like you.

Could it be part of our soul? I would say yes, it could be part of your soul in the sense that the entire universe is part of your soul, but otherwise in my experience, it’s kind of like living in a close knit neighbourhood. Everyone who grew up in the same region of multiversal space has a sense of kinship with each other, even if blood ties don’t exist. This seem reasonable?

Are you talking about ripple realities? Yes, I guess that would be a word for it.

So these are refractions of us? Yes, or we of them. We all occupy the same time/space house, if that makes sense.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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