There is much truth behind jokes. The joke of the divine trickster is that he’s serious.

Dimensional Paths in Portals


What is the difference between a nexus and a portal, if there is any? It’s a different class of portal, like the difference between an airport and a city intersection. Most portals are like the latter, just incidental meeting places. Most here on our earth are like that. The dimensional paths around us are primitive, underdeveloped. We are considered a bit of a backwater, but where do those who like to keep their activities secret like to meet in our earth?

Caves, underground, internet? The open road, fringe communities, the woods. That’s us. The everglades of the multiversal earth.

We get all the criminal aliens? We get the “cops” also. People even sometimes witness an arrest. This is why hauntings seem so brief.

As opposed to a dragon? Dragons tend to be cops, very law abiding creatures for the most part. This is why they put in so much effort to help the Mayans and early Asian cultures. Naga were more philosophical about the whole matter, believed humans could be taught to police themselves. This is why they introduced elements that would come to be what we know of as the ascetic disciplines. Humans got it all twisted of course, but the seed is still there, like the Sadhus of India, or the shamanic traditions of Asia, the Yamabushi, people like that.

And probably pillar saints? That was a human invention, imitation of the nagas communication system.

They used pillars? Yes.

Like our cell towers, maybe? Yes, and easy to ascend if you have the physique of a snake. They were better designed of course. Our cell towers ignored magnetic path design pretty much completely. It’s taken how long for simple things like acupuncture to be taken seriously? The chi circulation pattern in the human body mirrors the interspatial alignment of the planet.

Alignment with what? Spatial flow. It’s an energy.

Space flows? Yes. There is no time, space flows, and our chi reflects that. Really, behavior of all life on this planet reflects that.

Ah, time is how we perceive the flow of space. Exactly, and we could plot out rest points, predict them. They do play a part in earthquakes and volcanic eruptions as well as electromagnetic and thermal shift in the atmosphere. So would be helpful even if we can’t exploit the inter-dimensional thin spot.

Like lay lines? Yes.

How many dimensions are there? No finite number. Our system of integers wouldn’t track the math. The inter-relationship between dimensions works more like development of weather fronts than construction of houses.

Even Brian Greene stops at 11 or so. Oh, you can track broad domains of course, but the continuum is more convoluted than that, granular perhaps, metaphorically speaking. There are many regions, that would resemble time space as we know it, in our general region alone.

Well, if it is granular, it is a discontinuous continuum. Yes.

I think he was using dimensions as in parallel universes. Yes. We aren’t the only instance of three dimensional space in the multiverse, but the distribution of forces in the multiverse does require that each instance be widely distributed.

This sounds like M-brane theory, although M-branes do collide to produce new universes. Indeed they do, but it’s more like a vector refraction.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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