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Space in Portals


How do you experience space to be?

Outer space, or 3 dimensions? Any concept of space you have. How would you describe it?

Having 3 dimensions and able to hold mass. I offer that space is deeper than our three dimensional experience, and that mass itself is just another form of space. Objects we perceive to have mass mirror spatial characteristics around them, embedded in a radiating field of energy, gravity for lack of a better word.

The 4 forces. Mass is mostly empty space held together by those forces. Yes. I would just say there are more. Our senses tell us that our surrounds are fairly simple, three dimensional, and this is a solid working assumption but not literally true.

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Space is like a tapestry with varying threads? Yes, exactly. It has curves, and it sings, resonates. Ever watch guitar or piano strings vibrate alongside each other? Notice what happens if you pluck just one?

The others vibrate as well. Yes. The space we know of as earth is not a single thread in the multiverse. It’s a complex of threads, a whole domain of parallel resonance, all vibrating alongside each other simultaneously. It’s what makes space seem solid. The vibration coming at us from parallel space makes force fields seem to be solid, and all our experience of solid matter is of fields of force. There seems to be a bunch of unseen mass and energy in our universe. The problem with that idea is words like in, or around, or outside, are incorrect. The mysterious matter and energy is there, but it doesn’t work at the same level as ours does. It functions in this complex of inter-penetrating space.

Earth looks like a big rock to us, but it’s structured more like a tree, each root and branch running through a meshed space that folds in on itself when we see it as three dimensional. This is what makes time seem linear. It’s not linear, just collapsed. Three dimensional space is not a state of space. It’s a state of being, and it shifts, usually only very subtly. All across the surface of our planet the gravitic field fluctuates, not by a huge amount but it does. Fluctuating gravity means shifting mass.

Do we see 3D space due to the fact we’re in a 3D body? We see 3D space because we are in a certain state of energy, one point along a vast spectrum. The body is sort of a mirage of our current energy state.

Is our body only 3D? The body is not just 3D. It is also multi-dimensional.

There are experiments trying to detect gravity waves. I offer that they will not find gravity waves. What functions as gravity for us is just a side effect of inter-dimensional physics, the interactions of threads of manifold space. Our earth folds in on itself. This is why it can appear to be three dimensional.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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