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If it has to change we want a say in it, we want control but people are unfit for control.

Inter-dimensional Crossover in Portals

At any time and in any given place on our planet, any location is in a state of flux. Usually there is a dissonance between that space and its parallels on other earths, a noise between our world Wal-Mart and whatever exists in the space our Wal-Mart does on a parallel thread, keeping them out of tune.

The noise has hiccups, very brief breaks in its vibration, rests. In some places in our world these quiet moments are more frequent. In most places they are very brief, but during the quiet, objects and entities have the potential to hop across the field separating the realities. This happens more frequently near the poles, but happens elsewhere as well.

Usually any inter-dimensional bubble or portal is very brief, and if whatever was in the breach doesn’t range very far it just shifts back where it came from because its default state of being resonates with its own thread. Its body is on the same wavelength, is making the same sound as its home world, but it is possible to leave that portal. It’s very dangerous, potentially traumatic. Animal species rarely survive the shift, but intelligences across the multiverse have devised ways of successfully crossing the event boundary. The symptoms associated with the “mothman” contacts are a side effect of a crude version of the technology. Radiation burns are more common than even that though, and the hallucinations caused by the influx of “alien” matter make meaningful communication difficult. It mostly forces the use of natural or technologically assisted telepathy to communicate with the locals.

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Now the observer effect though doesn’t run into these complications. It crosses portals quite easily and mostly not even consciously. So the consciousness of beings on earth two exerts an influence on matters going on in earth one, and the reverse is also true.

More around portals? Yes. This is why contacts in Alaska seem more common.

So an area of craziness might be near a portal? Potentially, yes.

Our collective unconscious reflects imagery that makes no sense from our normal experience of our world, strange spatial behavior, strange organisms, things that conventional theories of dream function don’t explain, things we would have had no reason to make up but they remain there. The potential number of organisms that could have evolved to the point of sentience was rather broad, and as comforting as it might be to tell ourselves it just didn’t happen, that they just failed, it would also be a lie. So the number of earths with simian intelligences is limited.

Some organisms failed to achieve sentience because of alien influences? Not alien influences, if you define alien as being not from our planet.

I meant through the portals. Ah, correct then.

Some outcomes have to be preserved in order for the intelligences to have arisen. Remember I said earlier that our bodies are not three dimensional? In order for the reptiles to exist as sentient beings, the potential for non-sentient reptiles has to continue to exist and it does in our world. Our snakes are, in a way, organs of beings much more complicated than our native snakes seem to be. It’s part of the body of a more complex and intelligent being.

In another reality? Yes.

We have those ‘organs’ in a parallel as well, non-sentient human types? Yes.

Am I someone else’s big toe? In a sense, yes. I am forced to use metaphor to explain these things. The required logic itself isn’t accommodated for in any native language, though there have been bits of inter-dimensional crossover. Sumerian, would be one example, ancient Egyptian.

Some theories have the Mayans crossing, yes? Yes. The system they depict on the pyramids isn’t a rocket. It’s a sensory isolation device.

Do they create portals? They allow safer passage through portals. The energy beneath it isn’t fire, it’s geomagnetic, magnetic.

Inca TombI saw what was thought to be meditation chambers built by the Incans in Peru. Towers with a central chamber they would crawl into, very powerful places. Yes. Portals can be artificially induced. In fact, in order to manifest here at all we have to incorporate a simple multidimensional portal in our organic make up. So isolating that in our awareness, cultivating greater biological energy output, and then inducing a polarity reversal, works to make a simple uncontrolled shift. This is why places of power were so important.

Magnetic StoneGeomagnetic? In that same place was a rock with an outline of a puma and a spiral carved in it. It caused a compass to spin. Yes. Relics of the technology I speak of were once more common here. Human xenophobia has played havoc on any effort to uplift sentience here so controlled crisis is more the rule now. Like startling an electric eel will make it discharge a bioelectric current, psychic pressure is making portals easier to manifest here. There have been some rather nasty profiteers using that very technology to tap into our biofield here sort of like our own geothermal energy technology. They proceed to channel it into their local molecular support web, and possess an advanced nanotech infrastructure that they like to power with bio magnetic resonance.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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