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Portal Rituals in Portals


Regarding portal related practices, fairly simple really, most portal based rituals are just turning on the radio.

Portal rituals exploit the behavior of the observer effect to create a localized virtual representation of the collective unconscious, tuning you into the interface between dimensions. This can sometimes lead to psychokinetic misbehaviour, but does so rarely. People mistake a psychokinetic outburst for the actual presence of the being. This is part of why people so often react negatively when they are successful with a portal ritual. They encounter what they intended to, the being has an “OMG! What the hell is that?!” moment, something flies off your wall because of its reaction and people tend to think it attacked them. It’s more like stumbling over something, or knocking something off an end table when you get startled, than an actual attack.

So poltergeists are confused aliens? Often, yes. This is also why they tend to be so temporary. The interface doesn’t persist for very long.

How do zombies fit into all of this? You mean the traditional spirit entities? Or some bokors poor mind slave?

Like the things Baron Samedi cohorts with, returning dead. Sort of like vampires, but without the bite. Ah, so the more traditional perhaps if I understand you right.

The “underworld“, as it’s often described, is a boundary around our world. Most passing individuals don’t even realize it’s an option when they depart, nor do they have any sense of how to navigate to find it. Those people who would come to number among the zombie or jumbi were individuals who while alive practiced a form of psycho-navigation. They perceived a path into the waking consciousness of the planet itself.

They are half in the underworld? Yes. This is why they describe it as being under the earth. It’s not really under, it’s in. A system of flows running all through the earths mass, so the zombie just never left our dimension. It happens this way in Hawaii as well as in the old African traditions. The old Norse did so as well. Drifting off into the “Aether” is sort of new in human practice.

The returning dead, when they do decide to return to the over world, do so in the blood of their original people, or in the land in the form of another species of natural being like a tree or stone.

Do they need to try and reinhabit their old body to do that? No. They don’t need to use their own body. The body is just an easy portal for communication, like an old phone number you still remember.

Ah, yes, smelly though. Not smelly after it’s been traditionally processed. A mummy or shrunken head just smells like herbs mostly.

True, but that is not a zombie. The flesh is not the zombie.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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