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Everyone has a belief system, even if it’s shunning what they identify as belief systems.

Pattern Recognition Theory of Mind in Portals


Portals. We are (each of us) sensitive to far more than we are conscious of. Through long exposure you have absorbed patterns of information that you haven’t begun to process. The brain just sort of adapts.

One scientist is now saying that everything is math, while I don’t agree with that statement fundamentally, I do believe he is on to something. In other science news, they have found that the human brain processes aesthetically appealing equations the same way it does music or painting, and developing a deeper awareness of music does tend to improve your math skills. What do you think of that?

It makes sense. Music is definitely math – harmonies and octaves.

I can see there is a beauty to math. It’s something to do with pattern and symmetry.

And they have also found that universally, languages across the world display a skeleton of physical metaphor, using exact concepts perhaps a bit differently, but they all use it. So yes, our normal everyday experience is based in a substrate of unnoticed information. You perceive it, but it doesn’t register to your conscious awareness.

One of the most solid theories of consciousness in the field of neuroscience is called pattern recognition theory of mind, and there is solid evidence to back this up at least partially. It shows up especially well in visual data compression, but you don’t see literally everything in your environment from moment to moment. The brain doesn’t create a fresh impression each second. It creates a periodic impression and then checks for changes to update it with. This even shows up in people’s memory recall.

Maybe Beethoven had that. A deaf man being able to hear an entire symphony in his mind. Ah, he wasn’t deaf his entire life, but yes, he certainly had a talent for it.

I’ve noticed that with a growing kitten. I’ll suddenly see she’s larger and it’s like my brain just did a refresh.

The brain constructs a sensory metaphor for any experience you have, and it doesn’t create a new metaphor for every new experience. It reuses old trace impressions to create every new impression.

That’s why we like to touch and smell things. Definitely part of it, yes.

So to get to how this all relates to portals…

Just as any perception is created more through a process of pattern recognition, putting associated impressions together to describe newly experienced things, the brain creates event models. As you sit in a space you come to anticipate what might happen in that space, but if you change locations your brain will dump that event model in favour of a fresh batch of structural data. This connects to the brains ability to track direction and distance travelled as well as geo-tagging and time-stamping memories.

Yes, like how we forget something walking through a door.

I think that’s why they use that new car smell in a new car so you are more tempted to buy it. It’s like a fast food place pumping out the smells of cooking food. I easily smell every fast food place my wife and I walk by.

Our brains are primarily sensitive to consistency, to detecting how things are alike and what they have in common. It’s why our lives come to seem too boring. There is no difference between the exciting moments in our lives and the boring ones. Just in more familiar circumstances your brain projects more of its expected perceptions, patterns of recognition that don’t actually describe what is in the space around you let alone what is going on.

So we make our life seem boring because we track the expected repetitive parts better? Yes, but remember I spoke of how immured we are in information? Even things we don’t consciously recognize? Well, not only do we detect consistencies, even unconscious ones, we also detect consistent inconsistencies, spaces and moments where our experience is reliably interrupted. This gives rise to that haunted feeling some places have, or that spooky feeling we sometimes get that something strange is about to happen in an otherwise familiar place.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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