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Get Grounded in the Body in Quantum

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The working mechanism is holographic. The process of realization is the reference stream. Left to itself it’s blank of information, very bland, but has the innate potential to be responsive, and what it’s responsive to is the working beam of consciousness; imagination and idealization.

Why imagination doesn’t do more than it seems to do is in most cases it’s half baked. It has nothing to display against. We deny the motor impulses of the body. We deny feelings and the information structures that biological life is based on. We refuse to let it influence us.

You cannot think and create reality. It has to be a living process, lived through you, experienced in the body under the constraints the body functions with. It requires coordinated expression, coordination or cooperation, otherwise the brain just tries to function against a lot of background noise created by the ignorant behaviour of the mind, and the bigger bulk of the energy and information winds up lost in translation as we try to force the code to behave in ways it doesn’t and can’t conform to. Interjecting some FORTRAN into a BASICĀ language program would do what?

So thought with action? Thought as action. Thinking in the context of experience.

Error, experience. Error arises when we try to think outside of the box, outside of the senses, when we begin ignoring the field of information we are immersed in for an entirely introverted mileau, look inside of our own head for all the information when our head is not a closed system. We refuse to let our brain be affected by our environment. We do not see it for the mobile organism it is. It is adapted to move in an environment of energy information, not just to sit and chew its cud until it grows too sluggish to survive a seasonal shift.

Ultimately, we live in a Gnostic reality. Understanding the brain is understanding the natural world. We just have to get our attention off of our own thought and moving through our sensation, at least from time to time. It’s okay to rest in our internal thought from time to time, but thinking confined to itself is just sleeping. Taken to extremes you starve to death. It’s like voluntarily behaving as if you were brain dead and ignoring the life support. Life support is sensation, sensory information, biological stimulation, biological tension, intention, stress. This is a whole field of vital life supporting information, and what do we actually do with it?

Try to ignore it. This is not meant to happen.

An extreme example; There was a woman on medical record who due to a strange form of nerve damage began experiencing orgasm from her foot from walking around. It was very disturbing for her, embarrassing. She sought medical treatment and if I recall did manage to get a so called fix for it, but her experience is not unnatural. It’s not a fluke, that seemingly strange mutability of that part of her identity. This is something that we are all supposed to be able to have even though her own specific trait is not specially useful. It’s an entire realm of identity, entire dimension of action and experience that we do not use, do not control, let alone allow to mature and to support our maturity.

They have proven that things like synesthesia, crossed senses, seeing sound, are quite natural. The difference between being able to do it or not is quite small in brain structure. It’s likely that we train ourselves out of it early. Or echolocation, human magnetoception, these would all be present in the domain of experience I have mentioned today, and very unlockable except for our mental habits, our mental feedback loop that keeps us functioning in the so called world we understand.

So, to summarize, no part of you is insane, no part of you is untrustworthy, it’s just distributed. Much of it in places you simply just haven’t thought of or payed attention to. Somewhere you aren’t looking. If you experience any confusion, it’s not from your inherent nature. It has nothing to do with your actual self. It’s just your habits. You won’t stop hitting yourself. You won’t stop poking your own eyes until you can only see stars as they say. It’s simply to take the pressure off. Doesn’t it seem so?

So rather than trying our damnedest to climb out of our bodies, as is very popular is so called spiritual circles, why not get grounded back in it? Honestly, blind hedonism doesn’t come from a connection to the body. Hedonism is just another form of denial, trying to idealize our experience rather than navigate and cope with it.

Yea, avoiding reality. Yes. Live in it and learn from it.

Remember, it really is all about feet. The feet on me honour the feet on you.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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