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Really it’s the children who can educate us. We can support what they know. These ‘wild’ children. Those who seem so different and out of touch with consensus. They are really more in touch with reality. The consensus has created stresses that force minds to let go.

Beyond the Body in Quantum

Quantum Cheshire Cat

So with the Quantum Cheshire Cat effect, let’s say we wanted to measure all the physical traits that come together to make you as a physical object, yes?

If we tried to point our testing device directly at you, where we perceive you to be, our measurements would not be very accurate. We would be missing bits of important information.

Now not only is every bit of matter in your body very likely entangled with matter that isn’t in your body, the structure and behaviour of the matter that we can say is in your body is shaped by all that matter that is not in your body. There is even a physicist now who is supporting a theory that life itself is inevitable. Based on his figures I guess it’s surprisingly convincing, but it’s based on the principle that if you put any sort of organized matter in an energized environment, that matter will shift and change in order to be able to better dissipate energy.

But the point is, though they haven’t tackled this yet, well… There is a principle in metaphysics and magick called correspondence, the law of sympathy, that states that similar things stem from similar causes, that things that look alike are alike.

So the idea like how prayer can actually help? There is that balance thing again. Nothing is really off balance. Indeed, there are no voids, no where for information and energy to be lost. Stephen Hawking is even advancing a theory that there is no such thing as black holes, because if there are black holes our other principles of physics are wrong.

You might ask how you came to be, why you as an individual occurred in the human reproductive process.

Why we get character traits from our parents? Human evolution is guided by things that have nothing to do with human reproduction. The environment, the activity of the sun, has an impact on exactly how DNA will behave. In each instance of reproduction, and even in various stages of development, the traits of your mind are present beyond your brain, and the construct that is your body is continuously assembled and reassembled. It is not a static. It is built from moment to moment.

That I believe. Cells die and are reborn.

The reason we don’t just teleport around at will is our coherence of attention might be unreasonably compromised. It would be too hard to keep track of the necessary context. Where did that toe go again?

Where the rest of the foot goes. The foot would very likely wind up stuck in the spleen.

I’ve wondered about alternative timelines. The idea if I could still be me if one parent changed for example. I’m thinking I could be with this idea of me beyond the body? Yes. Everything seems to point not to an analogue reality, but a massively parallel reality. We think of ourselves as singular, isolated, but everything seems to suggest that if you are possible in one instance, you are possible in all possible instances, or not at all.

Like the idea that ‘life finds a way’… ‘I find a way.’

I remember a TV show from years ago, Quantum Leap. Was that time travel or something else? It was a form of time travel yes, though only transporting information, the main characters consciousness.

More and more, physics and even biology is becoming an information science as well as technology. We think of information as something ethereal, as incidental and even imaginary. Well, there is no such thing as fictional information. All information is energy or it can’t be present, can’t take form, and all energy is matter of a sort viewed from the right reference point.

Hence consciousness as matter. Yes, the concept of consciousness as a state of matter is taking off, and it’s apparently gaining backing based on things like FMRI research.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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