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The future is an ever shifting pageant of shadow puppets that darken as light shines more directly on them.

How to Extend to New Energy Structures in Quantum

Quantum Cheshire Cat

So how to use this? Tensions.

Even strictly speaking from what is still a materialistic and increasingly more orthodox point of view, our neurons change shape, form new synapses or close down old synapses due to tensions built up by quantum influences, probabilistic balancing, observation.

Tension is just another word for state of being, frame of mind, something that although it’s not effortless or necessarily easy all the time, is naturally under our control or potentially under our control. When we change our frame of mind, our frame of reference, our energy field shifts like an amoeba, say. We extend ourselves toward a new range of energy and withdraw our personal energy away from a region that may have become barren or even toxic.

We will know when our attention has put us in contact with new energy by a process of realization. Like the amoeba first touching a new particle of matter, it will create a disturbance in our awareness which first manifests as a change in our motor behaviour. Ever notice how variable your personal energy level seems to be?

Yes, quite a lot. We mistakenly believe that energy level is an arbitrarily shifting state internal to ourselves. Energy level is external, dictated more by what our attention and consciousness is in contact with and thus able to absorb, than anything in its internal constitution. Energy rich fields of attention give us more energy to dissipate through our thought and action.

The second level of awareness and realization, after the motor level, is the sensory. You will experience either new information more frequently, be consciously aware of new perceptions, or the energy of things perceived will seem to be more vibrant, more stimulating. Ever experience this?

Yes, at times. But this only happens after the position shift, after the internal tension, the motor stage, which does have an emotional component.

I used to be that way all the time. Everyone tends to get a bit stunted. We isolated our movements of consciousness, and subsist on the slim pickings of a played out field of consciousness, because familiarity allows more of a sense of safety as false as this might actually be. Creatures will starve rather than subject themselves to intense strain. We are starving ourselves of energy information in order to allow ourselves to keep up our shell of the real. It’s like the shell a bacteria puts up, psychic dormancy, an undeath of sorts, until our immediate environment suits us better which it will accidentally from time to time. This is sub-optimal and denies us any real agency as much as chance at evolution and adaption.

Only after the sensory stage do things begin to get cognitive and we become able to synthesize new information energy structures which we can then use to create external changes in our world. We can’t build up a nice calcium shell until we have absorbed the calcium, and to absorb that we have to have gone where the calcium is.

Now to understand the navigation, think of a cell colony. At the heart of the colony you have a unique cell, a stem cell, that given time and opportunity can begin to divide in order to become a brain. Around that cell are a variety of other cells, each serving its own necessary purpose working to ensure its own survival. This proto-brain cell has within itself all the information it needs to network and make contact with other cells that will support its eventual evolution into a brain. It needs help in the right conditions in order to fully manifest its innate nature which means that although its current colony may be keeping it comfortable, it may have to try and integrate new cells into it, or even purge specific cells from its colony as they absorb resources necessary to the development of that future brain.

Every impulse for this single cell is a motor impulse. We only begin to experience other kinds of impulses with higher levels of evolution, but actually there is no such thing as a higher impulse. There are still only motor impulses, still only single cell logic. So everything we experience is a complex of these motor impulses. Single cells getting together and forming a construct of information, something that represents what they need as a group, comparing and contrasting the various vectors of their motor impulses. These seem like coherent impressions, and in a sense they are, but we get confused when we pretend to things that actually don’t exist.

The company we keep? I’ve noticed that what makes a friend is to a large degree is the amount of contact. Yes, and the friends we make are attention getting people. You will not begin the process of making friends without it, and will terminate that process in others if it isn’t reciprocated in you.

Now what I have been describing is the process of realization. What provides the form and structure, and coherence behind all this cellular behaviour, is the mirror opposite of that. But without the process of realization, what you get instead is idealization which tends to break down the body.

So honest question, do you really want to do that?


Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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