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Your inner life is your outer life. Your second life is your first life. Your fantasies are your reality.

You Assembling You in Quantum

Quantum Cheshire Cat

So far does it seem like you are a passive object in this distributed system of physics and information?

Passive, hell yes, too passive. Just letting the current take me wherever.

You are not. Learning, observation, the constant stream of information intake, is actually how you exist. The information you learn and synthesize is you. Every thing you come into contact with, how you experience each and every little thing as the individual you are, is a creative process. You are assembling you, creating yourself from the information around you, from your experience.

No wonder school systems doesn’t work anymore. They don’t listen to the individual. Indeed, they are seriously outmoded. They never were especially useful though they did serve a necessary purpose and still do. Literacy is valuable.

And it makes me think about the massive implications of my thoughts. I’m sure I saw a news report on the effects of thinking positive. Actually, there is a bit of complication. There is a reason we can’t just arbitrarily change reality around us by changing our minds. Again, we think of information and thought as lacking substance. It does not. It has it’s own characteristics, essentially physical qualities. So if you spend a moment staring at a dog turd, the information you absorbed about the dog turd will not have cotton candy qualities. It will continue to behave like a dog turd in your consciousness.

I’m starting to think that instead of notions of positive vs. negative, that our biggest stumbling block is being ‘habitual’? Indeed.

So does that mean turning water into wine is impossible? No, but it isn’t simple let alone effortless.

But I mean just by thinking it happening. Oh, it won’t happen just by thinking, no. Change happens by a process of progressive realization, not thinking as we understand it. All the qualities that we perceive things other than ourselves to have, like grapes and stars, are just as distributed as our own traits are.

They say magical folk often discover their power not from trying but from an intense emotion like rage. They stop trying and just feel it. That’s not entirely useful advice as popular as it is. There is more to it than that, but much can come instinctively.

That state when options don’t occur because you can’t conceive of other.

Realization, the process of realization, is hard coded into our bodies and brains. It’s how they develop to begin with as well as how they heal and evolve while we are alive. We cannot short circuit the process as much as people have wanted to. Everything that emerges in our awareness goes through the same channels, the same process, the same form of processing. How it occurs in the brain is not unique. It happens the same in a carrot as it does in the human brain. Science at this point would have you believe that most of what goes on in your body and mind is beyond your ability to be aware of, let alone to direct. They are right only in the second part, and even then they are not completely correct, or even ultimately correct.

So you realize everything you perceive though it may not seem like it. Your being is constantly looking for the elements that support it’s existence and emotion is just one component. If emotion were sufficient, one bad mood and you would vanish. It’s why research supports the notion that we can know about an event or decision before we make it or experience it. The event is already connected to our information. It’s being processed and drawn in.

If anything, the body and brain are more like a vacuole in a cell than they are the structure of our being. A place for information to digest before its essence is shuttled elsewhere in our being.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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