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Portal Effect in Portals


In general, the portal effect has a deeper meaning and impact on the mind than even science is realizing right now. We define our space and experience by it as much as we do by our sensory impressions. It forms an unseen boundary to our experience, walls that you never see, and it is a strong part of the bias by which we make our perception of everything make sense.

I got that feeling walking around old Edinburgh. Places of heavy and long human traffic develop many such cracks, but even the mass of energy and matter around us creates such splits, like facets on a crystal.

Loosely speaking, there are two classes of portal, contextual and temporal. I say contextual rather than spacial because the structure of space doesn’t govern much of anything at all. Things configure and reconfigure freely, even in what we consider our real space, at a quantum level at the very least.

We don’t perceive “space” portals for what they are because their shifts produce changes in information. They seem to give rise to new events or novel occurrences in the mind.

Temporal portals are just shifts in frequency of space, frequency and polarity. Space is indeed polarized. Most of it behaving as a mono-pole, but interwoven with a mesh of entangled information exchanges, quantum tunnelling. Your body actually interpenetrates the bodies of others. It’s part of the mechanism of empathy, and one of the vectors for single cellular transfer as well as for genetic and viral copying.

Now how this relates to the portal topic, is our planet as well as our bodies are much more complex than even the material system would make it seem. The geometry of our planet is both a function of frequency and vector, and it gets vector information from parallel dimensions. We think of our dimension being this one over here and a parallel dimension being that one over there, but this is not true. They are linked through localized spacial fluctuations. Things like this give rise to what particle physicists call virtual particles. Particles that are only present momentarily near a normal physical event and then disappear after. They don’t split or decay. The thing that behaved like a particle just ceases to exist. Its ceasing to exist is illusory of course, just as our own apparent existence as an independent space and time is also illusory. All the dimensions, all the universes, are part of one manifold, one matrix of context.

No death, only transition. It’s not murder, it’s transitioning? If you hack the data stream to interrupt the continuity of information flow, then it is indeed murder. That’s the big problem humans are ignoring. They think they have proprietary rights on the code. There are countless other intelligences that would have something to say about that.

Contextual portals lead to physical abnormalities most of the time. Strange weather patterns, abnormal gravitic and electromagnetic fluctuations, earthquakes and such, with only rarely a macroscopic hole in space. Rarely depends on your point of view. If you have a broader bandwidth of perception, you see more wormholes. Our ancestors have many legends about mysterious holes and portals, and they are universal. Every culture speaking of things like the sky opening up, or the ground, aren’t confined by gravity or apparent mass. There is even some hint at an active ability to open them related to the use of sound in one form or another. Sounding totally crazy so far?

The earth is noisy. It is very noisy.

So chances are someone will open a portal.

Surrounding them with stones creating sound? Indeed. Setting up a resonance space is universal, or finding natural resonance spaces, and often introducing foreign crystal bearing stones or just the crystals themselves. There is a contextual portal in the earth atmosphere, over the north pole roughly speaking.

Are there such things as singing stones? Or is it more that they trap sound waves? Both, disrupted to earths natural nodal alignment.

We’ve likely desecrated the majority of these sacred spots so it would make sense we’re seeing the disruption in weather elements. Yes.

Temporal portals are more common. They manifest as residual hauntings, periods of lost time, non specific time dilation, as well as abnormal causal morphology – deja vu. They say that is just a glitch in the brain. The brain is not so active as they want to say it is. It’s more of a passive recorder.

Oh, I get de ja vu far too often to say it is a glitch. It’s becoming a regular occurrence.

I still think there is serious temporal disruption at the hospital. When I was at the hospital I noticed time was different.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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