'Syncretism' Chapter


Syncretism is a an ancient term originally referring to a political organization around the kingdom of Crete. If you take an inclusive view of diverse schools of thought, if you entertain the notion that otherwise discrete belief systems can be held together mutually, that they correspond to each other in any way, that is syncretic thought.

I argue that human beings are naturally syncretic thinkers, instinctively so. Insistence of exclusivity in doctrine and purity of practice seemed confined only to those cultures with some measure of xenophobia or cultural prejudice. The history of syncretism is vast planet wide.

Syncretic Thought

Shall we discuss syncretism? Syncretism is an ancient term. It originally referred to a political organization around the kingdom of Crete which gives an early clue as to it’s meaning. If you take an inclusive view of diverse schools of… Seek More

Contemporary Syncretism

The history of syncretism is really vast planet wide. Shall we look at contemporary syncretism? With the brain initiative, as well as previous shifts in thinking in both spiritual groups as well as nominally secular schools of thought, we are… Seek More

The Force

I don’t intend to discuss Star Wars as allegory or anything. Like many great works of fiction, or those that had the potential to be great, there are solid ideas behind the Star Wars concepts that either closely parallel real… Seek More

Jedi Code: First and Second Precepts

The first principle being… There is no emotion, there is peace. Emotion confines us to our restricted personal sensitivities, our compulsive habits. If we embrace the notion of the Force, and what it might have to offer us in understanding… Seek More

Jedi Code: Third and Fourth Precepts

There is no passion, there is serenity. As we go through our lives we tend to become heavily invested in the various things we do, and because of that, we often are blinded to what our efforts, and what achieving… Seek More

Jedi Code: Fifth Precept

So shall we do the fifth and final precept? There is no death, there is the Force. Many of our leading contemporary scientists in neuropsychology, and as social science advocates of something they call terror management theory, basically all human behaviour… Seek More

Jedi Disciplines

I will touch upon two Jedi disciplines, briefly, by way of explanation of the precepts. The first practice is control. This is ultimately mastering the Force as it is embodied within you. Understanding the Force that manifests as your own… Seek More

Sith Code: Passion, Strength, Power

Last, we spoke of the Jedi code / Jedi spirituality. Each statement of the code : refers not to individuals, but to the force / life principle / anthropic principle itself. The most fundamental conclusion of the Jedi is that… Seek More

Sith Code: Action Statement

Shall we move on to the next statement of the Sith code? Through power, I gain victory. We seek many things in life. We strive to solve our problems the best we can. Do any of our problems stay solved… Seek More

Sith Code: Through Victory

The next Sith statement is … Through victory, my chains are broken. How much of a sense of agency do you have in your life? Do you really feel responsible or in charge of what goes on? Does it feel… Seek More