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Death is the great equalizer, and all change is heat death, a.k.a. entropy.

The Force in Syncretism


I don’t intend to discuss Star Wars as allegory or anything. Like many great works of fiction, or those that had the potential to be great, there are solid ideas behind the Star Wars concepts that either closely parallel real world principles or even draw directly from them.

The core concept necessary for understanding Jedi spirituality is of course the Force. So I will ask, what is your understanding of the force?

It flows in everything and everyone. Connecting all.

A unifying presence in the universe.

I’ve heard it’s based on the Tao. Yes, coupled with the principles of Buddhism as a real world faith, and it is recognized though it is still a fringe movement. It may have even petered out from what I’ve read. The Force is ultimately the source of all things. It would best be compared to a view increasingly more accepted by some scientists today. Loosely put, the theory is called panpsychism.

When I was a kid, I tried to move things with my mind. It never worked, so I gave up. Apparently, I didn’t know about the spoon. Sorry, wrong movie. The spoon problem is that you know too much about the spoon, or believe you do.

The Force is the organizing principle of the universe, the basis for the emergence of both life and consciousness. Sentient beings would be unique at all only in their potential to consciously reflect on the force, emergent order, emergent consciousness, living behaviour and universal directive.

This is similar to bio-centrism? It could be called an applied bio-centrism. Doctor Lanza, right now, is not working on applications for his insights.

The Force does indeed move through you, as you. Remember my earlier references to wave genetics? They have experimentally confirmed the Penrose Hameroff hypothesis about tubulin resonance. There are indeed quantum effects that occur organically as much as they previously denied it, and those quantum interactions govern how cells behave more than even mitochondria or simple chemistry. Slight differences in protein resonance can either set off, say, cancer, or lead to its spontaneous remission.

It could explain a lot about energy medicine and how thought and emotion affect us. The same way our cell functions shift, the same way our neurons function and give the appearance of thoughts and feelings and experience. They are even working on exploring ultrasound therapy for a variety of things, many having to do with consciousness.

So how can we affect the resonances inside us? To answer your question, the neuronal firing, they put as the beginning and end of brain function and consciousness, is not. It only occurs when the tubulin skeleton of the neurons strike the right resonance, and this influences the native proteins as well as electrical signalling. So this quantum resonance shapes even the chemical signalling, not just the electrical signalling. The decision making process isn’t going on in the electrical transitions. It happens before the electrochemical signalling.

The actual way to affect change on a personal human level is attention. Engineered direction of the observation mechanism in the mind. It’s not so much about pattern recognition as it is about pattern construction. Like engineering, there are principles involved that dictate the value of the end result, and some would say we already know what those principles are. This is the value of philosophical inquiry, or at least it’s supposed to be why we do that, but even if not, trial and error would still teach by experience.

What I just explained leads into the first principle of the Jedi code…

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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