People call illusion reality, and refute the real as illusion.

Sith Code: Path of Freedom in Syncretism

Sith Code

The last statement of the Sith code is … The force shall free me.

Life moves to make better and stronger living things, promote adaption and evolution. All the suffering and confusion ultimately serves the greater good of life itself, and the choice to sink or swim is up to the individual.

There is no one way to achieve this freedom under the Sith code. This is an individual experience. You are your own saviour, and the way you achieve freedom is the way you as an individual were meant to achieve it. I may learn a subtle path through life, one that leads me to diplomacy and social engineering. You may discover a path of freedom and success through the direct application of some personal talent or skill. Both of us will be living as free agents and genuinely changing the world around us, arguably ultimately for the greater good as well as satisfying our own needs and wants while we do it. Is there some flaw in this reasoning?

No. I imagine the Sith see the Jedi as enslaving themselves? Yes, and the Sith see the Jedi as refusing to confront the truth, listen to reason, and fully contribute to society and the world around them. They fail to live up the their full potential by not using their full power to change the world.

The Sith are constantly saying to the Jedi, “join me.” Yes, the offer of alliance is genuine. Their principles and values not by themselves dishonest. Vader did honestly want his son to join him in fostering a lineage of power. He did believe that through this they could better the empire as a whole. Vader didn’t believe that politicians and communities could affect change or accomplish any real good. He saw them as liars and thieves ultimately, taking what they didn’t earn and don’t deserve from other people who would use it better and more appropriately.

He’d be right about that.

Hmm… the 1% in modern society are Sith, and the government is Jedi? Yes, and not all of the real world Sith are unenlightened or uncompassionate individuals. They aren’t all unwilling to help or create genuine positive change. Zuckerberg honestly sees his work as the start of genuine positive real world change. Social media is changing things in our world and dramatically. It is just beginning to enable something never seen before in our world.

Conservatives tend to donate more to charity than liberals. 

Sith would like the government to join them in a sense to help better society as a whole. Instead of being mired in petty idealistic squabbling, yes. Conservatism versus liberalism. Social engineering ad nauseum to no constructive purpose.

Many are even willing to pay more taxes especially if it was used constructively. Yes.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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