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Do you remember what it was like before you were born? No? That’s the point. We are forever aborning. Each moment a new incarnation, and in each moment the original conviction is arrived at again. Yet for all our convictions we are still constantly aborning.

I Do Drama in Darkness


People look for all sorts of ways to avoid communicating, and only bad comes from dismissal. It’s a fad to tell people to keep their drama to themselves, or not make drama.

“I don’t do drama.” It’s a code for don’t bother me with emotional stuff, because I can’t handle it either. When they say “no drama”, they aren’t stronger or smarter but quite the opposite. How many who say that are really well focused people? We can all be more focused, and we don’t have to abstain from our drama. It‘s better to be aware of it and deal with it. Mental illness is an epidemic for a reason.

Is mental illness an all time high, or we just noticing it now? I think we are noticing it now, and it’s not growing. It’s more like it’s very naturally going critical. We can’t, and aren’t, meant to endure what our society creates. Many native peoples before the empire reached them were very stable. People want power, need power, and I’m not speaking of ego. It’s universal. We as a species, and even our symbiotic species, need to feel like we can act. That we are free.

What is power without purpose? Ego perhaps, and politics is a social game played by the most vicious egos.

A mental cage is no better than a physical one. If anything it is far worse, but we are taught to “think”. We are even told our children don’t really think and can’t be educated till they have language. This has been proven wrong. Preverbal infants have been shown to have reading capacities, recognition of symbols, and spoken word. We teach our children to think, or so we are told, but we aren’t teaching them any such thing. We are imprinting our conditioning. Forcing human beings to do anything physically or mentally is not good for us, or very productive.

High school drama, and popularity contests never really end. They just move to bigger stages? They can end. In high school I was never popular. I was the freaky kid in the library, but strangely the popular ones still came to talk to me. I was the kid who knew things, understood things, but I was seriously marginalized. I was good for advice, but then too strange for anyone to see as a real person.

It is strange. We followed the way of our culture, our traditional religions, and they serve some of us very well. A very few of us, but others are “witches”. Those more concerned with spirit than establishment. This is why our group members in Second Life have the title “Heretic”. The heretic owns his or her own spirituality and their own beliefs.

Everyone can evolve.  Evolve = involve.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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