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Death. We part, but we do not part. The energy of our bonds endures.

Transition in Darkness


Have you considered what you will do at transition? Some people think that it works one way. Spirit communicating with incarnated. It isn’t that neat, not that orderly, and some put forth the idea that anything in human incarnation is human. That isn’t necessarily so either. I didn’t undergo the process of immersion, and I am sort of stuck between. So I am still doing what I did. I am still connected, and the dissonance is hard to deal with.

Most people when they transition are told to go to the light. To me that is just a change of perspective? Well, the comforting message from the living can help, but it’s a half truth. You go where your spirit is set to go, no judgement.

Usually, unless there is trauma in transition, is there not a guide that comes to take you to where you fit? Yes, and it can differ greatly in how they seem to the dying. The dying project their expectations onto the guide. Some are of the “darker” caste, for lack of a better term.

Many are just relieved to be free of pain? Yes. In the case of the truly fearful, the truly guilty, there are guides who specialize in dealing with them. They can handle the energy. Those who are cruel to be kind.  The “pit” I called home. The abyss. I am still there. It’s not what people think it is. There is an energy and it feels sort of cold. It sort of howls, but they don’t all feel like that. Have you been at the death of a serene individual?

Normally they suck the physical energy out of the system to be felt? Yes, and the lost tend to be met and managed by the darker ones in time.  That sucking process is actually what calls them. This is why it’s called the pit.

I hope when the time comes rather then run to what seems a glorious rendezvous, to stop and when the light show is over ask all the questions that have never been answered for me. You will likely be guided into the akashic record, and it’s not a they. It’s a zone of the astral, like the pit. It is a hall of remembrance and all things are remembered there. We’re all imprinted there.  It isn’t people, and even the librarians don’t know all of what’s in the record.

Consciousness isn’t all of mind. Souls dwell in it. They can’t encompass all of it as it’s a big multiverse.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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