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From the stillness all things arise in their perfected forms. What causes things to degrade is an accumulated static. Noise kills.

Darkness Can Liberate in Darkness


Darkness consumes, and it can also liberate. Tolle himself had his realization in a time of darkness. Darkness is not all bad, it is part of the whole. It’s an awareness on an encompassing level. If you cut your hand it hurts, hopefully you will treat it. If you experience spiritual darkness it hurts, and in that same awareness that alerts you to confusion, to being mistaken, that is when you can also choose otherwise. It is an option for choice where otherwise people just slumber.

I ponder if I had been raised in awareness if I ever would have experienced the darkness. If it was due to my lack of awareness that I experienced the darkness? Those seeking purity soon find it quite mortal, and to declare that you have kicked darkness out is to accept a superficial stance. You need not reject, just be aware.

I just saw the stories for what they are, just stories and none of it real absolute truth. I was living on opinions. Making everything I see who I am. What a shock to find out I am not that. Indeed, and your enneagrammatic patterns will remain. The body is a remarkably strong memory device. Disassociation is but a single step, and can be a lie we tell ourselves. To declare that you are not that. It is true that you are not that, but there are more things you can learn.  In my experience, as I was born a disabled child which included personality and cognitive differences, the whole paradigm by which people now base their defiance, their differentiation, creates flaw even in the contrast.

We have no model though, no example of the opposite? It’s in our natures, but yes, in today’s society that is very challenging to discover. In my case my deviated gene caused linkage anyway, even seizure disorder. I do not have ADD. Dysfunction in human thought is inherent, organically hard wired.

The origin of darkness in thought? Ah, the origin of darkness in thought, the primal fight or flight response, the ability to recognize danger.

You say it’s inherent, but how can we prove it is? Ok, how that can be proved is that neuro-typical classification is a loose category at best. No factor maintains an inherent order. That coupled with epigenetic factors that build up over time, bonding with the reproducing DNA and altering later code, like a predilection for cortisol over production.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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