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This attempt to see mind from a biological point of view is weak at best.

Spiritual Attainment in Reciprocation


Reciprocation is the balance of giving and receiving. Ecosystems function on a web of giving and receiving, growth and predation, generation and consumption, but we think we are different don’t we? We think that we can function as independent systems. Be cause and never effect. What does this create for us?

Misery and duality. Exactly, and giving and receiving aren’t opposed. Yet we treat things like we can do one and not the other. Are magnets possessed of only one pole? If they were, could they draw anything to them? Nothing with the power of attraction is one sided, and neither is the law of attraction.

We all know at least one miser and one martyr. We perceive people and we perceive behaviours, and people are most often very consistent in their behaviours, which just makes the issue all the more charged, because they aren’t confined to them.  These behaviours follow that pattern.

Like a pattern attitude inside? Yes, these manifest.

The victim housewife for example and the rebel child? Yes, and they are neither in balance. Either they give without being receptive to receiving, or receive and try to attain without giving. Neither find what they want most and what motivates the cycle that keeps them stuck in repetitive behaviour is they will not allow reciprocation. Thus they deny the way the world functions, and often can’t be reached in their determination to defend their view.

But in both cases there is unhappiness and expectations? Exactly, reciprocation is not about expectation. Owing or being owed are falsehoods. It is often criticised in saying that “He thinks the world owes him something”, but it’s just as bad as a guilt complex. Both stances taken from the balance of life, are one sided.

The traditional monk was a great listener, as were the tribal shamans. Many neo-spirituals have lost much of the tradition they suppose to espouse, thus temperance is a virtue. The Tao itself could be called temperance, thus why the seeming duality.

First raise to your true vibration? Even in the ascended state on earth you will still act. You will still move with life. There is a saying; “Before enlightenment chop wood and carry water, after enlightenment chop wood and carry water“. When you embrace life in reciprocation you need reject nothing, nor seek anything. You will do and be, and you will know the power of any spiritual source you acknowledge. It is not something you can attain. It was always there but you were maybe busy, insisting that life should be some way, and often insisting that it should be the way someone else told you. So in fact busily shutting out your own way.

If someone tells you you should just stop something, have they given you anything? If they insist you do something, have they given you anything? If with you they do something, then they did give and they also received. If everything were seen as ‘doing with‘, rather than ‘doing to’ or being ‘done to‘, how would that be? If you see, then you will know what they gave you.

If you never ever judge, everyone gives you something. Is there no need for discernment of any kind? Need we not navigate life in any way? It is perhaps possible I am talking ‘at’ you. If so, then there is no reciprocation, and this activity is questionable, no?

We cannot achieve freedom by just denying what is. Refusing to judge can be as blinding as judgement. With insight you see the seeming opposition is meaningless, you merely see. If you see, you will see who sees you. Reciprocation even without trying. People often become disillusioned from things like manifestation practices because of this very issue.

Opening the door to any possibility? Exactly, and letting it be what it is.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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