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Your focus determines your reality. A rational focus creates a sterile world.

Responsible Anarchy in Anarchy


Responsible anarchy is something I respect.

How it does not become chaos? Tao, among other things. I’m acquainted with the view, and Buddhists and Taoists at turns take similar stances. Anarchy = no hierarchy. It is commonly believed that an anarchist is anti-community or responsibility. Teens use the idea too much, and it isn’t true commonly.

Some anarchist really don’t like communist in their Bolshevik form. But enforced communism and living communally works on a small scale for some.

I remember reading about it’s basic ideals and going to my Mom and saying, “What’s wrong with communism? This sounds nice to me, everyone working together, equal and stuff. She said I didn’t understand and pointed at Nazi Germany, that was the end of the conversation. Your Mom didn’t understand. Nazi Germany was fascism. Communism was reactionary resistance to the czarist government. It did have some solid ethics, but there was oversight, and it seriously got off on the wrong foot. The czars regime, neo-feudalism?

Suppress neo…. Ah, and true. It wasn’t going to last, Marxist movement or not. Anarchy is very different than communism. Communists are hyper authoritative and hierarchies. The reverse of anarchist. From an authoritarian view, say in communism, everything belongs to the state, even you. Your duty is to the state, and dissension is treason. Self interest seen as immoral.

Is anarchy and socialism the same or different? Anarchism wouldn’t be against socialism. If you agree to it, the tribal structure had its merits.

America was at one point functionally anarchist, but without knowing intent.

When was this? During the pioneering era, as homesteaders spread west there was no way to enforce colonial authority.

Would it be fair to say that America was founded on anarchy principles? To a degree, but debased. It is almost as much a theocracy. In the case of anarchy, slavery wouldn’t have been legal, nor would slave uprising have been suppressed.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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