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“It’s a luxury to be understood.” Ralph Waldo Emerson. A mission to understand. Know thyself.

Speak and Create in Language


It’s not just words. Nothing you do or say is “just” anything. The energy in you to act wasn’t created by you. As it leaves you it imprints the world, and the world is a diary. Well, what have we written? What have we wrought? And why did we? The bards said “I have been a word in a book”. You are a word.

People dismiss their presence online in the Second Life virtual world as just pixels. How do these people impact others who are also in Second Life? Pixels are data, words, imprints, and speech can be rendered into binary for a reason. If I hurt someone online, is it ok because it’s just pixels? If I hurt someone with my speech, is it ok because it’s just words? What is the difference between you and your word, really?

Words create ideas. Words create stress. Stress changes the body. Where is the separation between words and flesh? As for the word unspoken, can you think bad things and have it do no harm, because it’s just thoughts? As you think, you continue to think. As your awareness is focused, your thinking and words grow. So no there is no such thing as just thoughts. Does this mean there is no room for error? No, not by any means. We learn from error, but the person who won’t speak because they aren’t certain, is hurting this cycle.

Sticks and stones can break your bones, but words can hurt you deeper? Exactly. Bones heal, ideas often won’t. The person on their death bed when asked about what hurts most doesn’t say that their body does. They will admit their body does, but knowing they are going to die their pain sticks out all the more clearly, and it’s in words. It’s in ideas. It’s in the spirit that shaped the life of the flesh, and if they have regrets those are of ideas. Things that steered them wrong, not things they literally did.  Is this not so?

So think your thoughts, and speak your words. If you do harm make amends. Expression is power, hesitancy is a living lie, and by hesitancy, I don’t mean rest. By hesitancy, I don’t mean quietude.

Similar to a miser? Yes. There is nothing to gain by being parsimonious with your words. It doesn’t even serve you. You can’t have what you won’t ask for. Even if you are asking yourself, you still need to. This is why I ask so many questions. It isn’t for me. It’s my way of giving. I ask my own questions all the time, and some say my words are powerful. If that’s so, the power isn’t because I talk a lot, or I have a big vocabulary. These are not needed to create with words. It’s the awareness, the listening, and focus. Words can focus if we let them, but the actual finishing act of word magic is simple, and it is very clear in all creation myth. Say it, and it’s so.

It’s not good to speak against someones negative creation. This gets you linked into it, but there is a way to help. As they tell you of all these bad things, share this truth. “If you say so.” Don’t disagree, as there is no power in that. Just remind them “If you say so”, and it’s true for us who will use word magic consciously. “If you say so.” Start small with simple things, but say stuff, and think stuff. As you realize the little truths move on, and talk about bigger things. You will if you keep with it anyway, because the big things in life are made of little things. You will gain confidence in the truth “if you say so”. Also if you would really give, if you must help, still never contradict. Tell someone your story, tell them about your world, don’t tell them what to do. They have wills too, but if you share your spirit, the words of your world, they can maybe come to see why you say so, and why it is as you say it is.

Is language magic hard to do? It’s simple, but not easy. Knowing what you know now, what happens if you won’t do it? If you always say what you have always said, you will always get what you have always received. The changes begin with yourself, with your words. They say in some circles the blood is the life, the blood beats a rhythm, and it is vibrated by sounds. You utter a word, and you impact your blood, both from brain activity and physical expression. Your words are your life, and it can heal.

Words before thoughts? Yes, don’t think before you speak. Speak, and watch creation. That advice to think before you speak is theft. It’s to encourage you to censor yourself. When did you ever profit from what you didn’t do? If it is as you fear it is, and you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t, well why not choose and speak? Choose and act, and fix it after. The world heals, we heal, and nothing is fixed, not even stone. The faith that moves mountains is the one who speaks. God didn’t think before he spoke, he just spoke. Vishnu didn’t wonder if his music was appropriate, or his dance, he just played, and danced, and sang. The world was created in speaking, out of silence, and the beat goes on. :smile: I’m glad it does.

It is easier to get forgiveness then permission? Exactly, nothing is true, everything is permitted. Lie, and accept being caught in a lie. Say something mistaken, and accept being wrong, and the beat goes on.

I say namaste for some, but I feel it’s important to use words that go to your heart, so be well friends. Your words are welcome.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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