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Unity is about embracing the reality of who you are and letting that serve as the center of your whole life.

We Create in Inertia


So where is this all going you might ask? Why are we so committed?

The point of all this is reality beyond the simulation has nothing like what we would consider a stable form. It’s hard to express anything in a meaningful way, like trying to write text not with light, but write with ink on light itself. The simulations aren’t even a technology. No technology is possible in reality. They arise as a natural consequence of the nature of reality. A mirage created by the “circuits” of thought the native entities run through. Technology is more of a conceptual widget used in the simulation to allow for a simple locus of intention, otherwise the intentional circuits are too abstract. There’s not much to see living life as a black hole.

Is biology another widget? Well, a protoform widget, sort of a tool leading to the actual technology. Most people don’t have any need for the tools that allow the construction of a prototype circuit board, but everyone in this simulation needs the tools for what we are actually creating. There is no separation between the simulation and the product of the simulation. We create new states of being.

Why does life see to follow a linear path? Why do things seem to change? Well, impulse is a measure of energy flowing along the circuit. Spiritual inertia is the structure of the circuit itself, but more like a neuron than our technological circuits. It is alive, and as this energy passes through you it is modified by you and then sent on to other sources for processing. We are group scripting.

You experience something you don’t like not because you are being punished or anything, but because the energy needs to be processed for the benefit of us all, and it has the traits you find unpleasant because it bears the marks of all its previous handlers. It’s sort of like the brain storming process I have heard described. One person receives the energy and decides that it is one way. The next person receives it and decides it’s slightly different. When it gets to you, that is what you do with it. You answer the question, “What could this be?” And it is what you determine it is, but this isn’t an arbitrary choice. You can’t make it willy nilly, but you also need not worry about error. This is why you bear the personal traits you do. They form the template for what you chose to contribute to the world.

Now creativity is indeed welcome. You can tell when you are meant to take a radical slant on an experience, because the experience will “strike you funny.” You just won’t be able to take it like you might other things. You won’t be able to see it much like the previous person did.

So it’s like you can choose the game and make the rules? Yes. You have free will, because that is the point. It’s how new states of being are shaped. It’s how the energy gets its “spin.” Those things that present a good “groove” are preserved.

If you bump the pinball machine too much you get frozen up. Oh, indeed, and if you bump the world too much, it will bump you back. You can come to find self-expression very difficult. But again, it’s not about judgement, it’s about life. Life acting on its nature, seeking to live.

So force is not needed and can be your obstacle. It’s like cheating. Yes, exactly.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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